As an accredited Data Collector & Data Aggregator (DCDA), Meter Operator (MOP) & Meter Asset Manager (MAM), we are specialists in the collection, processing and settlement of energy consumption data with years of industry expertise.

Smart Data Settlement

Just like metering, energy consumption data is also getting smarter – transferring from an analogue system characterised by manual collection and estimated usage, to one that is more accurate, more efficient and more insightful.

As we are doing in the UK’s transition to smart meters, we are currently supporting Britain’s energy suppliers with this transition to Smart Data Settlement – enabling our clients more streamlined and effective data management processes and the ability to offer precise billing.

Thanks to these combined Metering & Data expertise, we now have over 3.5 million meter and data assets under our management across the domestic and I&C markets, and are a trusted partner of the UK's energy suppliers.

Elective Half-Hourly Settlement

Besides our Smart Data Settlement, we also offer a dedicated Elective Half-Hourly (EHH) Data Settlement service. This bespoke solution enables energy suppliers to intelligently analyse their customer base, giving them the visibility and control to select which customers to settle half-hourly, or switch back to non-half-hourly (NHH) settlement. 

Smart Tariff Design

Further to our EHH settlement service, we are also able to leverage our metering and data expertise to support our clients with smart meter tariff design, allowing energy suppliers and their customers to shift electricity use from peak times, balance demand, cut costs and improve efficiency.

Through our expert data services, SMS is leading this smart energy revolution. Find out more about the central role of data settlement in the energy market transformation here.

To talk to us about our Data Settlement and Smart Tariff Design services, contact our team on 02920 739 543 or leave your details and we'll get back to you.