Workplace EV charging

We make your workplace EV friendly

By providing EV charging points at your workplace – whether offices, depots, or other commercial locations – you can show your support for electric mobility and clean transportation, enabling you to attract employees and customers, enhance environmental sustainability, and boost brand reputation.

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Benefits of our EV fleet charging for your workplace

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Satisfy employees and encourage EV adoption
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Support sustainability commitments
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Workplace charging
Improve efficiency and cut costs
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Future proof your business
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Satisfy employees and
encourage EV adoption

Offering work-based EV charging to employees is a persuasive benefit that can help attract new talent and retain existing employees, whilst encouraging low-carbon transport amongst staff and site visitors. Whether an office, depot or other workplace setting, we’ll work with you to install the best-fit charging solution for your employees’ charging needs and habits.

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Support sustainability commitments

EV charging facilities for employees and visitors can help reduce your workplace’s carbon footprint. By encouraging the use of electric vehicles and providing the necessary infrastructure to support them, your business can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability whilst helping enhance brand image and reputation. Our expert team are on hand to advise you on the most effective ways of integrating EV charging into your company’s energy and carbon reduction strategy, including combining with on-site renewable generation and electricity tariff optimisation.

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Improve efficiency and cut costs

Providing EV charging can lead to cost savings for employees and employers alike. Employees who have access to workplace charging can save money on fuel costs, while employers can reduce the cost of charging operational fleet vehicles with dedicated charging tariffs. As a business, you can reduce the cost of installing a charger as you may also be eligible for Government grants, whilst our fully-funded solution can minimise or eliminate any upfront investment for establishing your charge point infrastructure.

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Future proof your business

As more of the workforce switch to electric cars, it’s important for employers to keep pace with demand and plan ahead. We future proof your EV charging provision enabling you to accommodate the needs of drivers today whilst ensuring there is a strategy in place for when uptake increases.

  • Our end-to-end charging solution embraces essential scalable strategies, ensuring your business stays competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing market.
  • We help you keep the cost of charging low for your operational fleet whilst remaining attractive to employees,
    as well as supporting you to profit through the participation in flexibility markets
  • Effective payment handling now, and in the future, designed around your business needs and different use cases.

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Unsure about where to start?

When deciding whether to implement EV charging facilities at your site(s), knowing exactly how and where to start can often be a blocker. As your dedicated EV and electrical infrastructure partner, SMS makes the whole process simple, helping you plan, deploy and optimise a successful project from start to finish.

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We take charge, so you can sit back

Independent of all hardware manufacturers, we use best fit technologies to match your needs and build an accessible and profitable charging network – with every step of the process managed and delivered by us.

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Site assessment and future proofing analysis

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Performance-related project plan agreed

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Design site infrastructure and installation specifications

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Full siteworks, commissioning and platform integration

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Including quality assurance, site marketing, and EV driver navigation services

Working with SMS

We’ve been helping leading UK businesses with their energy requirements for more than 25 years, including advising on and delivering the adoption of low-carbon technologies that improve both business efficiency and sustainability. Our engineering expertise, agile approach to technology, and tailored solutions is why our customers are today choosing us to help them navigate the infrastructural challenges and growth opportunities of EV chargepoints.

Partnership options

A London-listed business with more than 25 years heritage in the energy market, SMS is a technical and commercial partner you can trust. We work with your business across a range of secure, reliable and long-term commercial partnership agreements, including:

  • Host our chargers on your site
  • Guaranteed index-linked revenue
  • Zero investment or management required by you
  • Receive an annual fixed income
  • Guarantee a long-term revenue stream
  • Installation & maintenance included in agreement
  • We install the charge points, you own and manage them
  • Operation & maintenance support provided, if required

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    A guide for developers, landowners and local authorities on the effective roll out of national public EV charging infrastructure and the importance of the three Rs: Right location. Right time. Right speed.

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    Workplace EV Charging FAQs

    Yes, you have the flexibility to choose who can access the chargers, whether for private, staff, or public use.  Our software management platform offers a user-friendly interface where you can effortlessly enable public access or restrict charging units for private and employee use only.

    Additionally, you can provide employees with a unique fob/RFID card that can be scanned to instantly connect to their user account and gain access to a private designated tariff.

    Rapid and fast chargers are the most common type of chargers in workplaces. Installing fast chargers is often recommended over rapid as they offer more convenience for employees, while also offering a more cost-effective and less energy intensive solution. Fast chargers can charge the typical EV in around eight hours, allowing employees to charge their car conveniently during work hours.

    For operations vehicles like delivery vans, rapid chargers are highly recommended. They provide quick charging capabilities, minimising downtime and keeping your operations running smoothly. We always advise installing charges that comply with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to ensure seamless compatibility and interoperability between different charging systems.

    We help you determine the most suitable tariffs for different user groups. You have the flexibility to offer discounted or free charging to employees, whatever you prefer. Additionally, we can also help facilitate the ability to charge for premium services, such as reservations in advance of to compliment your reward / loyalty schemes.

    Yes, employees can reserve a charging space within a specific timeframe using our app. Once a reservation is made, the employee will receive notifications regarding the charging process, including when the charging session is available for use and when their vehicle is completely charged.