Unlock the potential of your energy data with SmartVision

Our intelligent energy management platform, SmartVision, gives you clear visibility of your entire energy portfolio, helping turn your data into energy saving insights.

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Intuitive, customisable dashboards

With SmartVision’s estate-wide visibility and intuitive dashboards, it’s possible to inspect consumption patterns, verify project savings, track KPIs, and even forecast and budget for the future, giving you maximum awareness of your consumption and the ability to identify, adjust, and ultimately cut down on costs and carbon emissions.

  • Multi-utility data visualisation
  • Deep-dive analytical tools
  • Automatic reporting
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One easy-to-use portal
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Mutil-platform functionality
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User-friendly cloud-based software
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Access to API integrations
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Dashboard for automatic monitoring and targeting
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Unlimited scalability
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Remote updates to ensure continuous improvement

Virtual Energy Manager

We don’t just supply the software, we also supply the experts to help you make the most of your energy data. Our virtual energy manager solution provides remote energy analysis and performance coaching delivered through our SmartVision platform; providing tailored management information, insights and management support for your energy and carbon reduction objectives.

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