A smart portfolio optimisation service

Smart Meter Health is a unique service, dedicated to helping energy suppliers optimise their smart meter portfolio, enhance the customer experience and generate greater value.

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The challenge

With Ofgem’s new annual targets framework requiring suppliers to ensure smart meters fitted in homes and businesses retain smart functionality year-on-year, energy suppliers face the challenge of ensuring their portfolios maintain optimum performance.

Smart portfolios can face operational challenges for different reasons if not proactively managed by suppliers post-installation, such as technical communication issues arising during commissioning of the meter or thereafter.

If not identified and addressed, such resolvable matters can impact negatively on consumer experience and supplier performance, including higher supplier costs, billing complications, and increased customer churn.

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The solution

SMS’s Smart Meter Health solution supports utilities in resolving smart portfolio communication and operation issues through a specialist technical consultancy team. Our smart consultants will identify areas of improvement and deliver an optimisation programme that ensures the portfolio is performing optimally.

For optimum results, we recommend our specialists are embedded into energy suppliers’ teams and operations, allowing the supplier to focus on live and future roll out, and ensuring your internal resource is left in place to focus and manage ongoing transition to a smart portfolio.

Our smart portfolio optimisation solution includes:
  • Firmware management service
  • Meter self triage app
  • Expert site support team
  • Use of our dedicated SMETS2 Test Centre – the UK’s only facility of its kind
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Our process

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Portfolio performance

Analysis of the supply portfolio identifying root cause, and resolution.

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Segmentation of portfolio based on analysis and formulation of best next-step actions to recover.

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Remote-led solution

Collaborative approach through virtual support to deliver quick win solutions.

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Onsite activity

Co-location of teams for more complex scenarios, and embedding processes for enduring activity.

Smart meters offer suppliers and their customers huge advantages. Having a well maintained, compliant and optimally performing portfolio is essential to realising the full benefits available and the opportunity to embrace the innovation that the technology brings. This will be increasingly critical for supplier stability, growth, and competitiveness in coming years.

Simon Chester
SMH Programme Manager

What are the benefits of Smart Meter Health?

The rollout of smart meters continues to offer energy suppliers and their customers around the UK a great number of advantages. But putting the meter successfully on the wall is only the first part of this journey.

Smart Meter Health offers energy supplier expert support with:

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Maintenance of a well-managed, compliant, and optimally performing portfolio

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Enhancing the customer experience and retention

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Risk mitigation and value generation

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Supplier performance, innovation, and growth

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Preparing for market-wide half-hourly settlement reform

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Our industry-first Half Hourly Optimiser – an intelligent data management platform – empowers energy suppliers to utilise their smart meter portfolio to its full capability now ahead of market-wide mandate, helping unlock immediate savings through more accurate forecasting and procurement.

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Discover more

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How we optimised one UK supplier’s smart portfolio

In implementing a 6 month trial to achieve ‘Smart Meter Health’ across the supplier’s smart meter portfolio, we were successful in achieving a headline return on investment of up to £78 per resolved meter asset.

Smart Portfolio Optimisation
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The UK’s leading meter test facility

Our smart meter lab facility in Bolton, Lancashire, provides a bank of 200+ live meters for energy suppliers and other industry partners, providing assurance, device combination proving, and over-the-air (OTA) testing in a range of mock real-life scenarios and environments.

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