Smart meters for smarter, greener homes

Working in partnership with energy suppliers, we safely and securely install smart meters in homes across the country – helping you to take control of your energy costs and reduce carbon emissions. We take care of your smart meter installation, every step of the way.

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What is the smart meter rollout?

The smart meter rollout is a government programme that aims to replace traditional energy meters with new smart meters in every domestic property (homes and small businesses) by December 2026. As one of the UK’s leading smart meter installation companies, we are trusted by energy suppliers to fit these game-changing digital devices for customers.

Smart meters help you take greater control over your energy usage and costs, and make Britain’s energy system greener, and more efficient.

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Smart installation guide

Your handy smart meter installation guide

Our smart meter installation booklet let’s you know exactly what to expect from your installation appointment with us.

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The smart energy industry is full of terms that may not be familiar to all of us, but we want everyone to feel part of the smart energy revolution. Here are a few you may hear along your smart meter installation journey.

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