EV charging station on your land

Rapid EV charging for developers and landowners

We partner with property developers, and landowners to create reliable, safe, and convenient EV charging stations. To help all drivers enjoy access to public charging while generating consistent annual revenue.

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Increase your site value
with EV charging infrastructure

With our end-to-end service, we take care of everything from planning and grid connection through to project completion, ensuring you future-proof your site by integrating in-demand, fit-for-purpose EV infrastructure that serves the growing charging needs of the public. Our chargepoints help make your site more attractive to landlords, managing agents and commercial tenants, whilst adding value to your land and facilitating ease of site sale.

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Commercial EV charging solutions that increase footfall and generate revenue

Whether you’re a landowner with a single site or a portfolio of commercial properties, we’ll provide the most suitable infrastructure to maximise footfall and revenue. We assess every site and its parking area individually according to business model and location, tailoring your EV charging infrastructure to suit the needs of charge point end users. From our expert infrastructure design and installation, through to ongoing maintenance and asset management, our long-term lease agreements guarantee an additional, regular income stream long into the future.

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Unsure about where to start?

When deciding on whether to implement EV charging facilities across your site(s), knowing exactly how and where to start can often be a blocker. As your dedicated EV and electrical infrastructure partner, SMS makes the whole process simple, helping you plan, deploy and optimise a successful project from start to finish.

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Read our Public EV Charging Whitepaper

A guide for developers, landowners and local authorities on the effective roll out of national public EV charging infrastructure and the importance of the three Rs: Right location. Right time. Right speed.

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Benefits of EV charging for retail, leisure and
hospitality businesses

Installing EV charging stations at your retail, leisure or hospitality venues can maximise your revenue and give you an advantage over competitors.

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Generate revenue

EV chargers create a regular and reliable new income stream

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Offer convenience

Allow customers to pre-book to seamlessly integrate car charging into the overall customer experience

three leaves forming a circle with a flash symbol in the middle icon
Future proof

Meet growing demand for EV charge point, whilst supporting your environmental goals and low-carbon ambitions

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Increase dwell time

Customers are encouraged to stay longer and spend more at your location whilst charging their car, improving your revenue per customer

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Create loyalty

Tie charging into your loyalty and rewards schemes to further incentivise return visits

We take charge, so you can sit back

Independent of all hardware manufacturers, we use best fit technologies to match your needs and build an accessible and profitable charging network – with every step of the process managed and delivered by us.

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Site assessment and future proofing analysis

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Performance-related project plan agreed

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Design site infrastructure and installation specifications

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Full siteworks, commissioning and platform integration

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Including quality assurance, site marketing, and EV driver navigation services

Working with SMS

Delivering essential public energy infrastructure is what we do, and what we do best. From our work with leading telecoms companies designing, installing, and managing the electrical infrastructure that connects the UK’s 4G and 5G networks, to the national smart meter rollout where we fit more than 40,000 devices in homes and businesses each month. Our scale, engineering expertise, and agile approach to technology and tailored solutions is why our customers are now choosing us to help them navigate the infrastructural challenges and growth opportunities of public EV chargepoints.

Partnership options

A London-listed business with more than 25 years heritage in the energy market, SMS is a technical and commercial partner you can trust. We work with your business across a range of secure, reliable and long-term commercial partnership agreements, including:

  • Host our chargers on your site
  • Guaranteed index-linked revenue
  • Zero investment or management required by you
  • Receive an annual fixed income
  • Guarantee a long-term revenue stream
  • Installation & maintenance included in agreement
  • We install the charge points, you own and manage them
  • Operation & maintenance support provided, if required

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    EV Public Charging FAQs

    Whether or not you will need planning permission will depend on an individual assessment of your site. In most cases,  charging points under 1.6m, like slow and fast charging points, can be installed without planning permission under the Permitted Development rights.  However, proximity to the motorway and heritage assets can affect these rights. As rapid charging units are typically taller than 1.6m and often require additional work such as power upgrades, planning permission is usually required.

    We provide bespoke, long-term agreements tailored to your business model and ambitions. Take your pick from our range of secure and reliable commercial agreements: host, lease, or own. With each option, you’ll enjoy a new source of revenue every time someone charges.

    We carefully assess each site and its parking area, tailoring the EV charging infrastructure to suit the needs of charge point end users. At public charging destinations, ultra-rapid, rapid, and fast chargers are the most common type of chargers.

    • Fast charging refers to chargers that are capable of charging from 7kW to 22kW. They can charge the typical Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) in approximately eight hours (depending on battery capacity), making them well-suited for extended stays in destinations like retail parks and residential complexes.
    • Rapid charging refers to chargers that are capable of charging from 43kW to 150kW. They can charge the majority of EVs to 80% in approximately 30-60 minutes (depending on battery capacity), making them a perfect fit for shorter stays in destinations like service stations, cities, and supermarkets.
    • Ultra-rapid charging is the fastest type of charging, delivering speeds above 100kW up to an incredible 350 kW. Using the typical 60kWh battery in an EV, charging will take about 20 minutes to reach 80% charge, ideal for those that need a quick top-up on long journeys.

    When it comes to selecting chargers for your site, the three Rs are crucial: right time, right speed, and right location. Our charging solutions are tailored to meet your customers’ needs. Backed by Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) hardware, our chargers seamlessly integrate and deliver optimal charging speeds that match the time your customers spend at your site, whilst also ensuring maximum dwell time and revenue opportunities.

    When searching for the perfect partner for your EV project, there are several key factors to consider. Firstly, it is crucial to find a partner who can take care of everything from planning and grid connection, through to installation and ongoing operation and maintenance. Look for a partner who deeply understands the energy industry and holds a proven track record in deploying energy infrastructure projects. Lastly, you need to consider the type of partnership that is on offer and how it fits within your current business model and ambitions. And that’s where we come in. With over 25 years’ experience helping our customers navigate the complex world of electrical infrastructure, combined with financial robustness that comes with being a publicly listed company, we are one of the very few players who can offer security, stability, and reliability with our EV charging solutions.