Install business EV charging at your destination

Make your business location an EV charging destination

We provide dependable EV chargepoints that prioritise the driver’s experience and generate opportunities, helping retail, leisure, and hospitality businesses maximise their revenues.

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Accommodate and attract EV drivers to your hospitality venue

Whether a hotel, restaurant, or pub,  customers and guests increasingly rely on hospitality venues to provide EV chargers during their visit, or a full charge during an overnight stay.

We help your business cater for this fast-growing market segment and create a valuable new revenue stream, whilst seamlessly integrating charging into the overall hospitality customer journey.

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Read our Hotel EV Charging Whitepaper

A guide for hotels on the effective rollout of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to generate revenue, and the importance of the three Rs: Right location. Right time. Right speed.

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Put EV charging at the centre of the retail and leisure experience

We make it convenient for EV drivers to charge their car when visiting or shopping at your retail or leisure location, allowing your business to seize the many commercial and environmental benefits of EV charging, including attracting new customers and bolstering your brand reputation.

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Benefits of EV charging for retail, leisure and
hospitality businesses

Installing EV charging stations at your retail, leisure or hospitality venues can maximise your revenue and give you an advantage over competitors.

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Generate revenue

EV chargers create a regular and reliable new income stream

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Boost footfall

Attract and retain high-value repeat customers

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Offer convenience

Allow customers to pre-book to seamlessly integrate car charging into the overall customer experience

three leaves forming a circle with a flash symbol in the middle icon
Future proof

Meet growing demand for EV charge point, whilst supporting your environmental goals and low-carbon ambitions

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Increase dwell time

Customers are encouraged to stay longer and spend more at your location whilst charging their car, improving your revenue per customer

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Create loyalty

Tie charging into your loyalty and rewards schemes to further incentivise return visits

Unsure about where to start?

When deciding whether to implement EV charging facilities across your site(s), knowing exactly how and where to start can often be a blocker. As your dedicated EV and electrical infrastructure partner, SMS makes the whole process simple, helping you plan, deploy and optimise a successful project from start to finish.

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We take charge, so you can sit back

Independent of all hardware manufacturers, we use best fit technologies to match your needs and build an accessible and profitable charging network – with every step of the process managed and delivered by us.

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Site assessment and future proofing analysis

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Performance-related project plan agreed

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Design site infrastructure and installation specifications

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Full siteworks, commissioning and platform integration

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Including quality assurance, site marketing, and EV driver navigation services

Working with SMS

We’ve been helping leading brands in the retail and hospitality sectors with their energy infrastructure requirements for more than a decade, including advising on and delivering the adoption of low-carbon technologies that improve both business efficiency and customer experience. Our engineering expertise, agile approach to technology, and tailored solutions is why our customers are today choosing us to help them navigate the infrastructural challenges and growth opportunities of EV chargepoints.

Partnership options

A London-listed business with over 25 years heritage in the energy market, SMS is a technical and commercial partner you can trust. We work with your business across a range of secure, reliable and long-term commercial partnership agreements, including:

  • Host our chargers on your site
  • Guaranteed index-linked revenue
  • Zero investment or management required by you
  • Receive an annual fixed income
  • Guarantee a long-term revenue stream
  • Installation & maintenance included in agreement
  • We install the charge points, you own and manage them
  • Operation & maintenance support provided, if required

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    Retail, hospitality and leisure EV charging FAQs

    Guests can conveniently pay for charging through our integrated charging app, an app of their choice, or contactless payment at the charging unit.

    Accommodation businesses can take advantage of our pre-booking system, allowing guests to pre-book and pay for charging at the same time as booking a stay, so they can rest assured knowing everything is handled before arriving.

    We handle everything from planning and grid connection to smooth operation and ongoing maintenance. The best part is, we fully fund the entire project, so you can set aside any concerns about costs. In return, you’ll receive a fixed amount or a share of the revenue. Simply sit back and watch your profits grow…

    Worry not, we offer a 24/7 customer service help desk for all our chargers, so if any issues occur, we’ve got it handled – leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

    The majority of EV charge points issues can be solved remotely. However, if there is a manufacturing defect, rest assured that we will promptly deploy our highly skilled engineers to your site to repair or replace the station, if necessary.

    When we commission your chargepoints, tell us who you want to give access to, and when. We can set unique tariffs for private, guest, and public use. Our software management platform offers a user-friendly interface to effortlessly enable or restrict public access and make them easy to locate using sites such as ZapMap.

    When it comes to selecting chargers for your site, the three Rs are crucial: right time, right speed, and right location. Our charging solutions are tailored to meet your customers’ needs. Backed by Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) hardware, our chargers seamlessly integrate and deliver optimal charging speeds that match the time your customers spend at your site, whilst also ensuring maximum dwell time and revenue opportunities.

     Yes, we provide chargers equipped with Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) software that seamlessly links to your existing hotel platform to support the use of loyalty points as payment. As your dedicated chargepoint operator, we can support you through this process, ensuring your guests experience the full benefits from our chargepoints.

    Drivers will be notified via our charging app or through a text messaging alert system – depending on their preference. All contact is managed and handled by us, leaving you and your team free from any additional administrative burden.

    Planning permission may be required to install an EV charger on a piece of land however, we would manage this for the client if needed.

    The installation cost depends on the commercial partnership agreement, there is no cost or management required by a client who ‘hosts’ our EV chargers on a site. To find out more about our partnership options, get in touch with us today.

    Planning permission may be required to install an EV charger on a piece of land however, we would manage this for the client if needed.

    Our project management lifecycle from the first stage, site assessment is a maximum of 10 weeks. Within that timeframe we manage the entire process from design to operation, get in touch to find out more.

    EV chargepoints can generate additional revenue – dependent on the partnership agreement with an EV Charge Point Operator (CPO). Talk to our team of EV experts on how to capitalise on the growing demand while creating safe and inclusive charging for all drivers.