Fleet EV charging

Making your fleet transition to EV, hassle free

Our Fleet EV Charging solution brings together expertise in charging infrastructure with premium support services and dedicated EV fleet management software, enabling you to make a smooth transition to electric whilst maintaining the support of your driver community.

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Benefits of our EV fleet charging for your business

An electric van
Reduced fleet charging costs & carbon
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A fuel gauge and bill
One single monthly bill for the entire fleet
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Access to Europe’s largest open public charging network
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Future proof your EV fleet
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How our Fleet EV charging solution works

Reduced fleet charging costs
and carbon emissions

Our metering technology innovation combined with our integrated fleet EV charging solution removes the common pain points of deploying and managing charge points at the homes of your drivers, enabling you to take much greater control over fleet charging costs and carbon emissions.

  • Reduce the burden on both drivers and back-office.
  • Pay less with cheaper, greener charging tariffs.
  • Greater control of your fleet charging costs and carbon emissions.

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One single monthly bill for the entire fleet

Whether your drivers charge at home, in public, or at work, your business can be invoiced for your fleet’s entire usage in one fixed monthly bill. It’s that simple.

  • Simple, direct and accurate billing.
  • Expert support with energy supplier and tariff management.
  • Fewer administrative headaches.

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Access to Europe’s largest open public charging network

We make charging away from home easy, too. Our app and drivers’ card gives access to an open network of over 400,000 chargepoints across the UK and Europe, allowing your fleet to take charge confidently and reliably wherever their journey takes them.

  • Use of Europe’s biggest open charging network.
  • Works with all Open Charge point protocol (OCPP) compliant hardware.
  • Prioritise or filter charge point brands based on costs or sustainability credentials.
  • Give your drivers complete confidence when out on the road.

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Future proof your EV fleet

Our fleet solution isn’t just aimed at helping fleet managers deal with today’s challenges, but also solving the future challenges that come with mass EV adoption. We’ll help your fleet benefit from the innovation of co-charging, or driveway sharing, and enable the charging of privately owned vehicles. Fleets can also access revenue generating flexibility markets so your vehicles can earn money whilst they’re parked overnight, as well as solving the transition for homes with pre-payment meters.

  • Co-charging initiatives to cater for employees without private parking.
  • Provide at-home charging solutions for employees’ privately-owned EVs
  • Generate revenue from your fleet through the flexibility markets.
  • Solve the additional challenge for employees with pre-payment meters.

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Unsure about where to start?

When deciding on how to go about implementing EV charging facilities across your fleet operations, knowing exactly how and where to start can often be a blocker. As your dedicated EV and electrical infrastructure partner, SMS makes the whole process simple, helping you plan, deploy and optimise a successful project from start to finish.

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We take charge, so you can sit back

Independent of all hardware manufacturers, we use best fit technologies to match your needs and build an accessible and profitable charging network – with every step of the process managed and delivered by us.

Briefcase with checklist icon


Site assessment and future proofing analysis

An icon that shows three people standing in front of a cog


Performance-related project plan agreed

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Design site infrastructure and installation specifications

Installation icon


Full siteworks, commissioning and platform integration

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Including quality assurance, site marketing, and EV driver navigation services

Working with SMS

Here at SMS, we’re in the process of moving our fleet of more than 400 vans to electric as part of our Net Zero 2030 target. That means we understand first-hand the challenges that businesses and fleet managers face when making the transition to electric. As a low-carbon partner, we’re also vastly experienced at rolling out such green technologies at scale for our clients, installing over 40,000 smart devices for homes and businesses around the UK each month. Such engineering expertise and energy market heritage – combined with an agile approach to technology and tailored solutions – is why businesses choose SMS to help navigate the infrastructural challenges and growth opportunities of EV chargepoints.

Partnership options

A London-listed business with more than 25 years heritage in the energy market, SMS is a technical and commercial partner you can trust. We work with your business across a range of secure, reliable and long-term commercial partnership agreements, including:

  • Host our chargers on your site
  • Guaranteed index-linked revenue
  • Zero investment or management required by you
  • Receive an annual fixed income
  • Guarantee a long-term revenue stream
  • Installation & maintenance included in agreement
  • We install the charge points, you own and manage them
  • Operation & maintenance support provided, if required

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    Fleet EV Charging FAQs

    Whether your drivers charge at home, in public, or at work, your business can be invoiced for your fleet’s entire usage in one fixed monthly bill. We also provide expert support in tariff management, helping you find the best deal with energy suppliers.

    If an employee has had a home EV charger installed but then decides to leave the company, there are two options available. If the employee wishes to retain the charger, they have the opportunity to purchase it. Alternatively, if they decide not to buy the charger, we will remove it (making good the installation) and repurpose it for another employee.

    Our integrated software platform gives you complete control and full visibility of your EV estate, so you can easily track, monitor, and report the charging behaviours of your drivers. Using the app, you can also conveniently check the status of each charger in your estate, whilst our advanced monitoring and reporting features offer the valuable insights you need to make well-informed decisions.

    Our integrated platform enables you to put your entire fleet on one single bill. Whether your drivers charge at home, in public, or at work, your business can be invoiced for your fleet’s entire usage in one fixed monthly bill, that means both your drivers and back-office will never again have to face the burden of ‘pay and reclaim’ forms.

    Using a toggle feature, drivers can simply indicate the vehicle they are charging, (whether a privately owned EV or your fleet EV). Users can then access detailed charge history and vehicle telematics data, ensuring accurate identification of the charging vehicle and associated costs. As technology progresses, advancements like seamless authentication features such as Plug and Charge will be incorporated into Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) chargers, removing the need for drivers to identify the vehicle.