28 April 2020 Company News, Energy Management, Funding and Finance, Net Zero

SMS launches Carbon Reduction (CaRe) asset funding service

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Our unique funding model, strengthened by a recent partnership signed with global asset manager Columbia Threadneedle, will remove the financial constraints met by business customers when investing in Carbon Reduction (CaRe) assets, allowing them to install green technologies such as batteries and EV charging at no-upfront cost.

The challenge

When the UK Government last year legislated to achieve a net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050, it laid down an enormous but entirely necessary challenge to the country’s private and public sectors to decarbonise.

Large UK organisations are central to this low-carbon revolution, and significant progress has already been made by many to reduce their consumption and introduce more sustainable practices. However, much more will need to be done to achieve our collective ambitions and mitigate the long-term effects of climate change.

It is estimated that the total extra investment required to reach net zero could exceed £50 billion per year until 2050, with a range of carbon reduction measures identified to improve energy efficiency and create a flexible, decentralised and decarbonised energy and transportation system. As the nation’s largest energy consumers, the private sector (together with the public sector) will be expected to contribute a lion’s share of this overall investment to deploy assets and services that can successfully deliver decarbonisation.

Carbon reduction assets that are today widely recognised as vital cogs in our future net-zero system include distributed renewable generation, battery storage, EV charge points, low-carbon heat sources, and other energy efficiency solutions such as smart heating and lighting controls.

However, whilst these technologies are proven as some of the most effective decarbonisation methods available on the market today, the cost associated with investing remains prohibitive for many businesses to properly access them.

Step in SMS, and our new Carbon Reduction (CaRe) Asset Funding & Delivery model.

Our solution

To meet the growing demand for CaRe assets and the related services needed to install and manage them, SMS – with our 25-year track record of energy asset funding, ownership and management – is today offering UK businesses a solid funding solution that will enable them to deploy these assets at no-up front cost, therefore removing the financial constraints met by customers in delivering low-carbon goals.

Our existing capacity to finance such projects where substantial investment is required has been strengthened by our new partnership with Columbia Threadneedle – one of the world’s leading asset managers – to develop CaRe asset opportunities specifically.

The delivery of these assets is supported by our longstanding energy services division, which develops comprehensive energy and sustainability strategies with our clients. Whilst the integration of low and zero-carbon technologies will be an essential aspect of any net-zero approach, our consultants work closely with businesses to determine how these assets can be integrated and optimised to complement a truly holistic energy outlook.

These strategic services are already delivered to a portfolio of large organisations, including some of UK’s most-well recognised brands across retail, hospitality, banking, telecoms, critical national infrastructure, as well as other key sectors and local authorities.

Delivering the future of smart energy

Alongside our Energy Services division, our CaRe asset funding model will additionally be supported by our existing nationwide installation field force and our utility infrastructure and engineering expertise, which ensures we can deliver our CaRe asset solutions in-house and means our customers do not have to worry about finding additional partners to achieve their net-zero carbon targets.

All of the services that we offer at SMS are underpinned by our extensive IT and big data capabilities – emphasised by the more than 3.7 million smart meter and associated data assets that we have under our management.

Indeed, the smart meter is our original CaRe asset and one we continue be very proud of, given its critical role in establishing the smart, digitised energy system essential for the country’s decarbonisation. We now look forward to continue partnering with UK businesses to develop and deploy the CaRe assets of the future, and to help Britain reach its net-zero target by 2050.

Want to find out more about our CaRe asset funding model?

We are already demonstrating our CaRe asset funding and delivery service through the UK Government-backed ReFLEX project in the Orkney Islands, which offers battery storage, solar PV, and electric vehicle charging (V2G) assets at no up-front costs to businesses and consumers. Find out more about this project, which aims to provide a zero-carbon solution that will be replicable across the UK.

You can also download our Net Zero Business Guide (PDF)


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