3 May 2024 Metering, Net Zero

Half Hourly Settlement: What do the latest P432 modifications mean for energy suppliers?

With a 2026 deadline looming, P432 mandates a shift in measurement class for existing Non Half Hourly (NHH) CT meters. With suppliers gearing up for this transition, we give our insights on navigating the Supplier License Agreement and the benefits of leveraging SMS’s expertise.

In January 2024, Ofgem approved the latest modifications to P432 (the document officiating the migration of CT Advanced Meters to Half Hourly settlement).

The amendment mandated a change of measurement class (CoMC) for all existing NHH CT meters, meaning these assets must be settled in the half-hourly market by the March 2026 migration deadline. All new CT meter installations must also be settled half-hourly from April 2024 onward.

Your role as energy suppliers

We strongly urge all suppliers who haven’t already done so to begin their migration processes (in line with these new amendments) ahead of time and not to risk delaying the transition.

Many legacy CT meters may have an old or faulty modem attached to the meter that does not allow remote communications and therefore stops the ability to complete the CoMC remotely, thus requiring a site visit.

There will also be the need to replace some legacy CT meters. However, this will require the Meter Operator to have the ability to complete complex installation work.

If you are unsure how P432 affects you or need assistance to satisfy the Supplier License Agreement? Talk to us.

Seize the market opportunity

We believe that Half Hourly Settlement migration presents a fresh opportunity to improve supplier engagement with their customers, enabling the sharing of much more detailed consumption data.

Richard Hill, Service Delivery Director at SMS, said:

“This industry change encourages energy suppliers to commence the transition to half-hourly settlement and to engage with their metering and data service providers to complete the change of measurement class. It also allows suppliers to overcome the metering and comms issues that will be faced when the remaining advanced whole-current meters are migrated as part of the Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement (MHHS) journey.”

How SMS can help

We at SMS continue to maximise the time and resources at our disposal when it comes to preparing for MHHS, having fully engaged in the settlement process rollout since the outset of the reform.  This includes trialling the benefits of settlement with several of our energy supplier clients through our (elective) Half Hourly Settlement Services. We have also proactively engaged with key industry stakeholders, customers, and strategic partners to align ahead of time.

We are now building a new Settlement System to allow us to continue to be a Supplier Agent once the transition is complete. We have a proven track record of increasing comms to advanced meters through remote investigations and onsite works, such as those undertaken during the P272 implementation. Our highly skilled workforce has the experience and qualifications to complete niche and complex site visit activities.

SMS can help facilitate the Change of Measurement Class (CoMC), by ensuring your schedule meets the parameters of the deadline. If you need help, talk to us.

Don’t wait for the mandate. The competitive benefits of Half-Hourly Settlement are available now.
  • Lower your cost to serve
  • Enable innovative new energy tariffs
  • Exceed customers’ low-carbon goals

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