26 June 2024 Energy Data, Energy Management, Smart Meter Rollout

Non-domestic energy suppliers must offer SME customers ‘default’ energy data visualisation from October 2024

By 1st October 2024, UK energy suppliers will be required to have a default energy consumption data offer in place for all their smaller non-domestic customers (SMEs).

The new mandate aims to provide SMEs with accessible and detailed insights into their energy usage, leveraging data from smart meters. This not only fulfils a regulatory requirement but also opens up significant opportunities for suppliers to engage with and expand their customer base.

Understanding the new obligations

The upcoming policy change is part of the Government’s commitment to maximising non-domestic smart meter benefits. Initially, energy suppliers were required to offer data on request and raise awareness about data accessibility. However, starting from October 2024, suppliers must proactively provide or make available detailed energy consumption information to SME customers free of charge. This information should be based on half-hourly or hourly data from smart meters and be comprehensive enough to enable customers to understand their energy consumption patterns and make informed choices about their energy use.

The development of the policy

The journey towards this new obligation began with a consultation in July 2021, followed by a Government response in June 2022. The policy changes were introduced in phases:

  • On-request data offer: Effective from 1st December 2022, allowing non-domestic consumers to request up to 12 months of their historical smart meter data.
  • Awareness raising requirements: Also effective from 1st December 2022, ensuring that suppliers regularly inform customers about how they can access their energy data.
  • Default data offer: To be implemented by 1st October 2024, requiring the proactive provision of detailed consumption data.

The opportunity for energy suppliers

This new mandate is not just a compliance requirement but a strategic opportunity for energy suppliers. SMEs represent an untapped market with significant potential for engagement and growth. Providing detailed energy insights can help SMEs reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint, which is increasingly important as businesses strive for sustainability.

Introducing the SMS x Eliq solution: Smart Energy Data

To help energy suppliers meet this new obligation, SMS and Eliq have partnered to create an innovative app specifically designed for SMEs. This app offers a turnkey solution that is easy to adopt and deploy, providing comprehensive, user-friendly energy consumption insights.

Key features of the Smart Energy Data app

  • Detailed energy insights: Offers half-hourly data visualisation, helping SMEs understand their energy consumption patterns.
  • User-friendly interface: Designed to be accessible and intuitive for all users.
  • White-label solution: Suppliers can easily integrate the app into their existing digital offerings without significant investment.
  • Integration with National Grid ESO Demand Flexibility Service: Enables businesses to participate in national energy-saving events and earn financial rewards.

Tom Woolley, Smart Product & Strategy Director at SMS, highlights the benefits for suppliers:

“The Smart Energy Data app is a game-changer for energy suppliers looking to meet new regulatory obligations while enhancing their service offerings. By providing detailed, user-friendly energy insights, the app helps suppliers engage SME customers more effectively, enabling their low carbon journey, as well as supporting in the transition to market-wide half hourly settlement. It’s a turnkey solution that simplifies compliance and promotes sustainable energy use.”

A win-win for suppliers and SMEs

By adopting the SMS and Eliq app, energy suppliers can seamlessly meet their regulatory obligations while also enhancing their service offerings. This positions suppliers as proactive partners in their customers’ sustainability journeys, fostering loyalty and attracting new business.

In conclusion, the October 2024 deadline presents a prime opportunity for energy suppliers to engage the SME market with innovative solutions. The Smart Energy Data app provides a ready-made, effective way to comply with new regulations and support SMEs in managing their energy consumption more effectively.

Embrace this change not just as a requirement, but as a chance to lead in the evolving energy landscape.

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