10 February 2020 Energy Data, Smart Meter Rollout

A nation nerdy about numbers: is it time we became data-obsessed about energy too?

Woman looking at her phone

A new study reveals that data-obsessed Brits spend 183 hours monitoring every waking moment of their lives.

On average, we have six apps or tracking tools, measuring everything from steps to REM sleep, and spend 30 minutes every day crunching the numbers. Steps and movement (51%), fitness (38%) and heart rate (34%) were named as the top three checked most regularly.

However, the research, commissioned by Smart Energy GB, found the desire for detail doesn’t stretch nearly as far when it comes to measuring the impact our gas and electricity use has on the environment or bills.

Three quarters (76%) of Brits admit they haven’t the foggiest how much energy they use at home. When asked about the area of their life they feel they know the most about, weight (36%), sleep (34%), steps and movement (33%) and finances (33%) all far outscored energy usage (14%). Four in 10 (40%) admitted it is the part of their behaviour they know the least about.

In fact, over half (59%) do not know how to track their energy usage at all, and 50% said they will just pay their gas and electricity bill without bothering to investigate it further. This comes despite 59% of respondents saying the use of analytical tools enables them to take control of their lives.

More than half (53%) find the process of tracking and monitoring addictive, while a quarter (26%) use the information they glean as motivation to improve. A fifth (22%) say it makes it easier for them to set goals. Yet shockingly nearly one in five (17%) said they never consider their energy usage when spending time at home.

Smart meters

Encouragingly, however, the study found there is appetite to find out more about their environmental impact. 42% said they want to do more to save the planet but don’t know where to start. Half (50%) said they would find it easier to do their bit for the environment if they could monitor their energy usage more closely at home.

Robert Cheesewright of Smart Energy GB said: “This research shows that as a nation we are keen to quantify our performance in so many aspects of our lives. But for many of us, our energy use is missing from that equation. Installing a smart meter in your home is a really easy hassle-free step giving you more control over your day to day energy use. Which in turn reduces the impact your energy use has on the environment via it’s real time updates.”

Over half of Brits (54%) agreed that we should be tracking our energy usage using technology such as smart meters just as much as we track other aspects of our lifestyles.

One of the easiest ways to become more energy efficient at home is to get a smart meter installed. Smart meters help households to become more aware of their energy use and take steps to reduce it, while also improving energy efficiency. Their portable in-home displays allow you to see how much energy you are using, as well as how much it’s costing you in pounds and pence, in near real time.

Using data from smart meters, a smart energy system can prevent waste at source by making far better assessments of the nation’s energy needs. This reduces our carbon footprint and contributes to the ongoing battle against climate change.

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