How to get a smart meter

Are you thinking about getting a smart meter installed? Here’s our step by step guide on what’s involved when requesting a new smart meter from your energy supplier.

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1. Contact your energy supplier

To register your interest in getting a smart meter installed at your premises, you should first contact your energy supplier. Exactly when you can get your smart meter depends on your energy supplier – as each have different timetables and plans. Where you live, what type of property you live in, and what standard of meter you currently have are also considered. Whatever your situation, all energy suppliers are committed to providing and installing smart meters to every domestic property by the end of 2026.

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2. Receive confirmation

When your energy supplier is ready to fit your smart meter, you will receive communication to confirm you are on the installation schedule. Depending on your supplier, this communication may come directly from them, or from the supplier’s contracted meter provider – such as us.

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3. Book a date and time

Once you have received installation-ready confirmation, you will be free to arrange a suitable day and time of your choosing. You will be able to do this via the method your energy supplier instructs. If it has been indicated to you that we are to install your smart meter, we will be in touch to arrange this with you.

Alternatively, you can get in touch to arrange your appointment. Find your correct contact number here or email us at If emailing, please leave your name, address, contact number, and the name of your energy supplier.

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4. Receive pre-installation reminder

If we are your meter installer, you will receive confirmation upon booking and reminders from us of your smart meter installation date and time slot one or two days before your booking.

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5. Smart meter installation

A trained installer will call to your home during the set time slot to fit your smart meter (most installations take around two hours). Once fitted, the installer will perform safety checks, explain how to use your smart meter and the in-home display that comes with it, as well as answering any questions you might have. And that’s it! You are now ready to begin enjoying the benefits of your smart meter by taking greater control of your energy usage.

For more information, visit our smart meter FAQs.

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Book an installation

If you’ve enquired about getting a smart meter, and received confirmation that SMS is your installation provider, you can book with us today.

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