17 June 2018 Metering, Smart Meter Rollout

1.2 million domestic smart meters installed in first quarter of 2018

Group of people with a smart meter

There are now over 11 million smart and advanced meters operating across homes and businesses in Great Britain – a 10 per cent increase from the previous quarter

A total of 1,240,5004 domestic smart meters were installed by large energy suppliers in the first quarter of 2018 (531,900 gas and 708,700 electricity meters), according to latest government statistics.

Over the same period, 17,300 smart and advanced meters were installed in smaller non-domestic sites by large energy suppliers (of which 11,600 were advanced meters and the rest smart meters). This is a three per cent increase in non-domestic smart and advanced installations compared to the previous quarter.

To date, around 12.3 million smart and advanced meters have been installed in homes and businesses across Great Britain by both large and small energy suppliers – around 11.3 million (92 per cent) of these were installed in domestic properties and a further one million in smaller non-domestic sites.

Commenting on the findings, Robert Cheesewright, Director of Policy and Communications at Smart Energy GB, said: “The latest government figures show that more than 11 million smart meters have now been installed across Great Britain, transforming the way millions of people buy and use their gas and electricity. Smart meters mean the end of manual meter readings and inaccurate estimated bills, helping people to save money and reduce energy waste.

“People with smart meters are already experiencing the benefits. Our research shows that more than eight in ten people say they have a better idea of what they are spending on energy thanks to their smart meter and around three quarters say they would recommend one to friends, family or neighbours.”

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