12 April 2018 Company News

SMS Ltd sponsors ‘Smartly Sustainable’ smart cities event

white building with lots of green growing from it

SMS Ltd will be co-sponsors and speakers at the Smartly Sustainable conference at Broadway House, London on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

This year’s theme, which is co-organised by the Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) and the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy Planning and Transport (ADEPT), will be ‘Using Smart Technology to do ‘more for less’.

With a focus on smart cities and places, the seminar day will look at ways smart technology and the analysis of big data has the potential to transform the way we meet our core environmental and sustainability challenges – air pollution, water management, waste and recycling, energy management and climate change.

There is great interest in using these innovations to do ‘more for less’, so the seminar will discuss particularly how cities and other local places can meet their environmental obligations more efficiently and, by extension, more cost effectively.

The event will bring together senior decision makers from the public and private sectors to look at the practical steps which can be taken to deliver this principle in practice.

Our senior energy consultant, Sam Hunt, will be giving a talk on ‘Smarter Energy Management’.

For more information on the event, including on how to attend, click here.

About the EIC

The Environmental Industries Commission (EIC) is the leading trade association for the UK’s environmental technologies and services sector. In May 2017 it launched a new website/initiative – www.SustainableSmartCities.org – aimed at growing the market for the use of smart technologies and data analysis to help cities meet their core environmental and sustainability challenges.