18 April 2019 Metering, Smart Meter Rollout

SMETS2 installations hit 750,000 mark

smart meter in home

More than 750,000 second generation (SMETS2) smart meter devices have been installed and are now operational, the Data Communications Company (DCC) has announced.

The new figures represent a latest milestone in the installations of SMETS2 meters since hitting half a million last month.

Despite a slowdown in the overall number of smart meter installations in the fourth quarter of 2018 – a decrease attributed to the ongoing transition from first generation (SMETS1) meters to SMETS2 – the rollout of the second-generation devices has seen significant progress in 2019 so far.

The installation ramp up comes on the back of the SMETS1 end-date on 5 December 2018, since which time any new installations of first-generation meters no longer count towards energy suppliers’ rollout obligations.

Recently, the DCC demonstrated that alongside SMETS2 meters, older SMETS1 devices will also work on its central, secure data network, enabling all first-generation meters that have temporarily lost smart functionality on switching supplier to have full capabilities restored by the end of 2020.

It is expected that the over-the-air migration of a first cohort of SMETS1 meters (approximately one third of those installed) onto its secure data network will be possible from the end of May 2019, with a further two cohorts planned for later this year.

SMS Plc has been supporting DCC with this process, providing System Integration Testing and User Testing Services at two lab facilities provided in Cardiff.

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