With the energy market as volatile as it is right now, and the country’s political situation likely to continue in a state of instability for some time thanks to uncertainty surrounding Brexit, now might be the right time for your business to re-evaluate its energy contract.

Whether you’re considering pursuing an energy procurement strategy for the first time, or coming to the end of your current procurement contact, working with us could save your organisation valuable time, energy, and money.

However, still a bit unsure whether energy procurement, or indeed what specific approach, is right for you?

Below we’ve answered some of the most common questions that customers ask us, helping to clear up any doubts you and your business might have.

How do we know you’ll get us the best deal for our money?

Our experienced team actively monitor, track and analyse the wholesale energy markets in order to advise our customers on developing a strategy based around market timing and the trends in the energy industry. We use our market intelligence to give you straightforward advice and our open and impartial relationships with all UK suppliers allow us to negotiate improved agreements that lead to significant savings and improved contractual terms.

After reviewing your specific requirements, we will develop a bespoke energy procurement strategy based upon your needs. Depending on this, we would advise on whether to set up either a Fixed Energy Contract or a more complex but potentially advantageous Flexible Energy Contract.

Fianlly, we are completely impartial and work with all UK suppliers to ensure that all our clients get the best possible deal on the market. Unlike many consultants and brokers we never hide any costs and all our fees are completely transparent, providing additional confidence that you’re getting the best possible value.

What’s the difference between a Fixed Energy Contract and Flexible Energy Contract?

Fixed pricing allows you to lock out all your energy at a single point for an agreed period providing price and budget certainty regardless of market volatility. Successful tender timing and supplier negotiation can then lead to much better conditions for your company.

Flexible procurement, on the other hand, allows larger energy consumers to purchase their energy direct from the wholesale market, spreading the price risk over multiple purchasing decisions throughout the year. Our team will develop and manage a Risk Management Strategy to give you the best of both worlds, taking advantage of market drops whilst protecting your budget from costly wholesale increases. We’ll also provide a range of position reports to show the purchases made by our trading team on your behalf and we will hold regular performance reviews to assess the adopted strategies.

How do you ensure switching suppliers is as smooth a process as possible?

As we work closely with all UK suppliers, we will be in continual engagement with them to guarantee the supply start date is completed on time and made stress-free for our customers. During this process we will facilitate the successful migration of the site(s) from your previous supplier to your new supplier. If there are any objections along the way, our experienced team will ensure that these are dealt with, while at the same time safeguarding you and your business from out-of-contract rates.

What are the payment options?

We’ll coordinate carefully with you before the tendering process begins to ensure the best possible payment terms are available. During the tendering process, we liaise with all suppliers to ensure these payment terms can be met, putting your mind at complete ease when entering the new contract.

What happens after we’ve switched supplier?

Once you’ve switched supplier we will then offer a single point of contact for all your energy queries and you’ll have complete control and visibility of all your utilities. All our customers get free access and online private access to our energy procurement system, Smart Pricing. Our platform provides a secure cloud-based online portal with access to live tender and key utility portfolio information.

This service also provides you with a comprehensive energy information hub, including historic and current energy supply contracts, full site details, live quotes while tendering, and a wide range of market intelligence such as future cost forecasts.

Do you have any additional questions on energy procurement?

For further advice, don’t hesitate to contact our energy procurement team on 02920 739 540 or email us and we'll call you back.