The start of this month saw the water industry open up to competition in England, in a move to provide non domestic customers the ability to choose their supplier for water and wastewater services, which has been the case in Scotland since 2008.

Whilst the physical supply of water will continue to be delivered by the same wholesaler in any given geographical area, the licensed retailer responsible for meter readings, billing and providing the service can be chosen.

Deregulation is expected to drive the industry forward through competition and innovation, as suppliers vie to offer more than competitors in areas such as service and added value opportunities, in addition to cost reductions.

In addition to securing the best gas and power deals for your business, SMS also offer its customers the opportunity to choose their water supplier based on individual requirements.

We will undertake competitive tender and full analysis of supplier offerings and provide you with a full overview and summary.

The benefits of SMS undertaking a competitive tender for you include:

  • Lower prices
  • Consolidated billing
  • Consumption checks and reduction strategies

We also offer a bill validation service, providing you with the added confidence and reassurance that you are only paying for what you should be.

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