Two major industry bodies – Smart Energy GB and the Carbon Trust – have together released a guide on how businesses can better engage their employees on energy efficiency issues.

Numerous recent studies have shown that one of the most effective methods by which businesses can reduce their carbon footprint – as well as their energy bills – is through better employee engagement.

Therefore, in an effort to raise awareness of energy efficient practices in the workplace and improve understanding of the benefits, Smart Energy GB and the Carbon Trust have teamed up to publish a new guide on employee engagement for businesses.

Practical guidance and advice

Free to download, the resource provides guidance and materials for employers on how to run an energy efficiency awareness campaign and practical advice to employees on how they can save energy at home as well as in work (such as getting a smart meter installed).

According to Smart Energy GB – an independent body that runs the national campaign for the smart meter roll out – encouraging home energy saving can help build a more motivated staff and inspire people to save energy at work.

“The resources available in this guide are a great opportunity for employers to start discussions with employees around energy and smart meters – helping to spark behaviour change both at home and in the workplace,” Smart Energy GB chief executive Sacha Deshmukh said in a statement.

“The guide outlines a series of opportunities to engage with the campaign, from sharing information in newsletters, through to providing your employees with the option to work from home and get a smart meter installed.”

The Carbon Trust – a not-for-dividend company that helps organisations and companies reduce their carbon emissions and become more resource efficient – also added comment on the release of the guide.

“We have worked with Smart Energy GB to put together this new guide, which explains to employers how they can better engage employees with energy saving,” said chief executive Tom Delay.

“Understanding patterns of energy use can help highlight where you can reduce waste and costs, both in the workplace and at home.”

How to implement an employee engagement programme

While combining business energy reduction goals with employees’ motivations and behaviours has been proven to achieve substantial cost savings – as well as improve overall employee productivity and job satisfaction – engagement programmes are notoriously difficult to put into practice.

The Carbon Trust and Smart Energy GB look to address this with their new easy-to-follow guide, while we have also put together our own five steps to successful employee engagement.

Though embedding behavioural change throughout an entire organisation is not an easy process, this is an area in which we have significant expertise.

One major UK-based high street bank, for instance, recently reduced its energy usage by 15% (year-on-year) across its 600 branches after bringing in our expert Environmental Management team.

As well as implementing effective strategies and educational programmes, we also ensure employees stay proactively engaged with energy saving objectives by encouraging involvement in initiatives. We not only execute the programme, we track it too, producing regular reports on performance through our state-of-the-art approach to monitoring data consumption, providing continual feedback, and incentivising positive action.

To discuss how we can help your business with energy efficiency engagement, or to find out more about our smart metering services, contact one of our team on 02920 739 540 or email us and we'll get back to you.