Less than 60% of the circa 10,000 businesses that qualify for the Government's Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) were compliant by last Friday's extended deadline, the Environment Agency has today (1 February) confirmed.

An Environment Agency spokesperson revealed that it has received 5,948 notifications of compliance and exactly 1000 notifications of intent to comply with the mandatory energy efficiency scheme, leaving more than 3,000 organisations unaccounted for.

In the two days before the 29 January deadline, the Environment Agency received 1015 notifications of compliance - indicating another late compliance surge, but leaving thousands of companies at risk of enforcement action.

“We believe that approximately 70% of organisations that qualify for ESOS are on the road to compliance. It will take some time to match all of the notifications to the expected participant groups and verify whether the remaining organisations do in fact qualify.

"Our focus is on bringing organisations into compliance with ESOS and we will start contacting those organisations that have not yet complied this month. We will normally use enforcement notices to bring organisations into compliance and only issue civil penalties in the most serious cases."

Spokesperson for Environment Agency

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