ENGIE is a French multi-national energy group and a global leader in low-carbon energy and services. Together with its 170,000 employees, international customers, partners and stakeholders, ENGIE is committed to accelerating the transition towards a carbon-neutral world.

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As a smart energy infrastructure and solutions partner serving the UK utilities and end-consumer market, SMS has provided gas connections services for ENGIE and its large nationwide customer base for more than a decade.

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As the dedicated gas connections partner of ENGIE, we have successfully delivered approximately 1,000 gas connections jobs for the company’s blue-chip business and public sector clients over more than a decade. During this time, we have completed jobs for all of ENGIE’s top customers for gas connections.

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Our services

We have worked closely with ENGIE and their customers to design, manage and deliver timely and cost-effective gas connections projects.

Providing a complete project managed service for all gas siteworks, our GIRS accredited solution includes connection design, installation, meter upgrades, disconnections, and smart metering. We also own, install, exchange and operate advanced/AMR gas meters for business customers, providing a data solution that helps end-users manage and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our services for ENGIE include:

  • Design
  • New gas supply installation
  • Meter installations & exchanges
  • Meter relocation, removals & disconnections
  • Gas Project Optimisation

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Challenges and achievements

Communication and clarity is key

As many of ENGIE’s customers have often not been previously involved with arranging infrastructure or metering works, the initial challenge with a new connections request is educating the customer to ensure they understand the requirements and helping them navigate the often complex connections process from the outset of the project. This includes managing expectations in regards to lead times to ensure we are working together to reach the desired result within timescales, and within budget.

Strong industry relationships

Another frequent challenge we often face is liaising with Gas Transporters/IGTs to ensure we are completing all relevant pressure and capacity checks, as their lead times can be extensive depending on the particular area the site is located. However, we have established strong industry relationships throughout the years, allowing us to quickly highlight particular sites that require urgent assistance in order to meet customer deadlines.

Assisting clients in risk management

Working frequently with local authorities and councils, often works can require specific traffic management or insist that the job is carried out at a specific time for safety and logistical reasons. We always work closely with the council or local authority on such crucial considerations, clearly communicating site requirements so that the customer can manage their risk effectively without becoming an obstacle to project completion.

Making the complex simple through expert design

We are frequently required to come up with simplified solutions to complex gas designs and metering installations. This can be from completing metering installations in difficult or restricted locations to establishing a more efficient design solution for a customer or DNO.

Satisfied customers

We have completed c.1,000 jobs for ENGIE, helping our client build its reputation and relationships with its UK customer base through our gas connections solutions. During the 10 years we have worked for ENGIE, we have become the company’s first port of call for any industrial, commercial, or private sector gas connections job.

Finding an accredited and experienced gas connections expert who provides a guaranteed and consistently high level of service can be tough to come by. Finding a company who can not only provide such a technical solution, but who also shares our ethos of excellent customer service, health and safety, and improving sustainable practices, is even rarer. ENGIE have been working with SMS for more than a decade for precisely this reason, and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending their gas connections and metering services.

Colin Paine Head of Market Operations
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