Data collection for your energy strategy

As an approved Data Collection & Data Aggregation (DCDA) provider, we provide accurate billing and invaluable insights to help you reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.

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Data collector and data aggregator

We are an Elexon-accredited Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector and Data Aggregator (DCDA) for half-hourly (HH) and non-half-hourly (NHH) electricity meter supplies.

As your data collector (DC), we retrieve and validate the data from your meter. We then forward it to your energy supplier, enabling efficient bill processing. As your data aggregator (DA), we also ensure your data is settled in line with industry procedures.

MOP DCDA – the integrated metering and data solution

We provide you with the highest quality data. That’s because we don’t just offer bespoke Meter Operator (MOP) services. We are also in the rare position to act as both a Data Collector (DC) and Data Aggregator (DA) through our integrated MOP DCDA solution.

We are one of the few companies in the UK energy market to offer the full metering, collection and aggregation process completely in-house. This allows us to maximise efficiency and accuracy within the data supply chain, reducing the risk of billing discrepancies.

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Key features of our DCDA service

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Integrated MOP DCDA

As an integrated metering and data provider (MOP DCDA), we ensure consistency, efficiency and accuracy through the data supply chain.

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Data provision for import and export services

We provide data for import and export services, serving both the Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) and Central Volume Allocation (CVA) markets.

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Dedicated point of contact

We provide a dedicated point of contact for your fully-serviced meter portfolio.

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Use our energy analytics software, SmartVision, to better understand your consumption – helping reduce carbon emissions and cut costs.

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Experienced in-house team

The complete range of energy and data services we provide are delivered via our own experienced and multi-skilled in-house teams, differentiating us from anyone else in the market.

Consolidate your metering and data with a single trusted partner

We are one of very few in the market to deliver Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collection/Aggregation (DCDA) as a single provider. Our integrated metering and data offering covers:

  • Non Half-Hourly Meter Operator
  • Non Half-Hourly DCDA (Data Collection/Aggregation)
  • Half-Hourly Meter Operator (Supplier Volume Allocation)
  • Half-Hourly Meter Operator (Central Volume Allocation)
  • Half-Hourly DCDA (Data Collection/Aggregation)
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Creating value for our customers

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Highest quality data

Accredited solutions, proven software, and decades of expertise ensure we provide the best quality data.

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Sustainably driven

We empower you to improve sustainability, helping reduce costs, consumption, and carbon emissions across your operations.

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Data security

ISO27001 qualification means your data security is managed to the highest global standards.

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Near real time

Data delivered near real time (every half hour) to enable smarter supply and most efficient consumption.

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Experienced data engineers

We provide expert data analysis to ensure your portfolio is optimised for optimum financial and environmental performance.

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Bespoke systems

Bespoke built systems that are specially designed for data processing and entirely owned and managed by SMS.

Industry accredited

We’re certified to all industry standards, codes and practices for the collection and management of energy data, so you know you’re in safe hand with us. View all accreditations here

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