We offer half-hourly MOP DCDA and other electricity metering services to the public sector through the Crown Commercial Service framework.

As a supplier listed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), we offer public sector organisations a consolidated Electricity Metering and Data service through the RM3800 Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services Framework Agreement.

Our Electricity Metering and Data services are provided through the following Lots:

  • Lot 1 – Half Hour Electricity MOP Services; and
    Lot 2 – Electricity Metering Services (non-half hourly and sub metering)
Electricity Metering & Data

We help you to consolidate your electricity metering activity and data, enabling you to take full control of your consumption, improve sustainability, and reduce operational costs.

Our Electricity Metering & Data offering covers Half Hourly (HH), Non-Half Hourly (NHH), and Sub Metering, allowing you to effectively marry your entire range of metering needs via one comprehensive service.

This service includes:

• Lease, installation and maintenance of meters
MOP and Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DCDA) services
• Provision of our energy management software, SmartVision

To talk to one of our dedicated team about our energy services for the public sector, contact us on 02920 893 882 or email publicsectorframeworks@sms-plc.com and we’ll get back to you.

• Two decades of experience in the installation and operation of electricity meters.

• Trusted by leading UK energy suppliers, we own and manage electricity meter assets nationwide. 

• The dedicated resources and expertise to efficiently arrange suitable metering and communication of accurate consumption data, often well ahead of industry standards.

• Integrated MOP DCDA service allows you to consolidate your electricity metering and data activity with a single provider – no third parties.

• Our holistic energy management solution provides you with the complete energy service across billing, procurement, efficiency and project delivery – offering a breadth of expertise rarely found under one roof.