Our automatic monitoring and targeting (aM&T) service helps you identify problems in your energy usage so you can reduce costs and meet energy targets.

Reading utility meters manually is not only an unnecessary chore, it also prevents your business from understanding and improving your energy usage, ultimately wasting money.

Our aM&T service automatically uses the data it collects to optimise your energy usage. It provides an insight into resource usage, and identifies and resolves problem areas in energy consumption. We set realistic usage objectives and optimise energy usage to reduce costs.

Our aM&T service includes:

  • Consumption breakdown
    We provide a full breakdown of consumption throughout our customers' businesses.
  • Industry benchmarking
    We can input benchmarked data and compare your energy management to other company and industry standards.
  • On-site audits
    We provide on-site audits and work with facilities or maintenance staff to manage project implementation.

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