Our bureau team analyses bill data to increase accuracy, reduce cost and recover billing errors.

Our utility bureau and bill validation service is tailored to our customer and analyses utility invoices to identify and resolve discrepancies as well as streamline operations.

We analyse more than 500,000 utility bills annually on behalf of our customers ensuring all aspects are accurate prior to payment. Our end-to-end service means recoveries of incorrect historical payments are managed by our recoveries service.

Our utility bureau services include:

  • Utility bill analysis
    We analyse utility bills and investigate and resolve inconsistencies.
  • Dispute resolution
    We resolve disputes and recover any monies overpaid for UK and international customers.
  • Financial control
    We provide assurance by helping our customers apply financial control to their utilities spend.
  • Treasury management service
    We offer bill payment management to our customers, including tenant billing services.
  • Data management
    Our robust and secure data platform is designed for strategic energy management.
  • Financial forecasting
    We also produce financial forecasts, accrual and budget reports to reduce future energy cost.

Contact our utility bureau on 02920 739 503  or email us to discuss your energy consultancy needs.