Our ability to fund low-carbon energy assets, including on-site generation, storage, EV charging, heat and efficiency solutions, makes us a partner of choice to deliver net-zero strategies.

To overcome the common obstacles associated with the implementation of major energy projects and investment in low-carbon technologies, even the most progressive of organisations often require assistance – not just in the shape of strategic consultancy, engineering solutions and project management – but through the provision of solid funding options.

Carbon reduction (CaRe) assets are today widely recognised as vital cogs in establishing our future net-zero system, and include distributed / on-site renewable generation, battery storage, EV charging, low-carbon heat sources, and other energy efficiency solutions. However, whilst these technologies are proven as some of the most effective decarbonisation methods available on the market, the costs associated with investing often remains prohibitive for many businesses to access.

As a technology agnostic partner with a 25-year history of energy asset financing, we have developed innovative, long-term, funding solutions that allow us to deliver flexible CaRe assets at no upfront cost to our customers – providing the keys to unlock your zero-carbon strategy targets and make your business a sustainability leader.


Carbon Reduction (CaRe) assets

Funding & delivering your energy strategy

We don’t just provide the funding, our experienced consultants use energy system modelling to advise on the most suitable CaRe assets to deploy at your sites. We  can then take your energy projects from concept to completion – helping you secure board-level buy-in, establish a project delivery model, manage the risks, and provide the ongoing operation to optimise asset performance.

Zero-carbon financing as a standalone solution

Already have a strategy in place and need a partner to help fund and deliver your energy assets? We have developed a range of long-term, low-cost funding options that can be tailored to your needs and can provide the engineering expertise to help you deliver your asset rollout.

Our financing models include:

Energy Services Company (ESCO) Agreement

Finances the installation of multiple CaRe asset technology solutions, funded by either SMS or 3rd party finance, including O&M.


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Our PPA option finances on-site renewable generation assets for up to 25 years, with a single agreement to cover the asset, financing, and ongoing operation


Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)

For organisations who want to part-finance the installation of assets, the CAPEX option enables you to reap the commercial benefits from day one and engage our other energy services such as O&M, through a single agreement.


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