ADM™ – The Intelligent Metering Solution 

ADM™ is an intelligent Automated Meter Reading (AMR) solution from SMS Plc. The device is beautifully simple – designed and built using proven, robust technology. Effortlessly activated in a matter of minutes, it fits to all pulse output gas, LPG, water and electric meter types.

Say hello to ADM, our intelligent automated meter reading solution for businesses and utility suppliers.

ADM is expertly designed by SMS plc, one of the UK's leading independent smart metering and energy services companies. This simple yet smart utility data logger is compatible with any pulse output meter, and helps you keep track of your consumption.

ADM puts you in control of your energy or water usage and helps maximise your sustainability. The beauty of ADM is its simplicity. It's easy to deploy and activates in a matter of minutes. ADM can be installed effortlessly and efficiently with limited additional training required. Just attach the device into place and trigger the automatic activation. Once connected to the meter, the device instantly begins logging your consumption, providing you with the data you need to identify savings and adjust your usage.

A truly universal product, ADM can be used on pulse enabled meters anywhere in the world, including gas, electric and water meters. ADM can also be deployed for submetering, enabling visibility of tenant-level usage. This ensures the application of more accurate energy and water charges for individual tenants, and can also help detect the location of anomalies, such as water leaks.

But what makes ADM really smart? The free to download ADM app gives you extra clarity over your installation. If you're a business, your installer can use the app to register the device and ensure it's securely associated to the meter point. The app also offers a built-in field management system, providing utility suppliers with clear tracking of field force scheduling and other essential information. But that's only the start of ADM’s smart capabilities.

ADM also connects with our cloud-based energy management platform, SmartVision Pro, enabling you to monitor, forecast and budget for the future. Access your SmartVision Pro account by smartphone, tablet or computer to maximise visibility of your consumption data and optimise your ability to identify and adjust where necessary. While ADM makes your data logging easy, paired with SmartVision Pro, it makes saving so much easier too - helping you boost sustainability and reduce costs.

ADM - the intelligent automated meter reading solution. No more estimated bills. No more wasted resources. And the highest standards of safety, quality and data security.

As well as providing a reliable and cost-effective AMR service, ADM™ is ASPCoP-accredited, meaning you can be assured over optimum levels of safety, precision, and quality.

ADM™ makes data logging as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Fit
A self-installation device, ADM™ retrofits directly to any pulse output water meter, as well as pulse output gas, LPG and electricity meters. No engineer required – simply attach the ADM™ into place. 

2. Activate  
To begin the activation process, place a magnet on the activation point of the ADM™ device. This will trigger a green/red flashing LED sequence to establish connection. The amber LED will also flash whenever a pulse is detected.

3. Connect
When the green light turns solid, ADM™ commission has been successful, and data logging begins. Review your data on the SmartVision Pro platform and receive ½ hourly reads in a file format of your choice.

Key Features
  • Simple to deploy: activation can be completed within minutes 

  • Universally compatible with all international pulse-output meters: water, natural gas, LPG, and electric.

  • Provides half-hourly data intervals – sent in a format and frequency to your requirements

  • Data accessible via SmartVision Pro, our cloud-based energy analytics software

  • Uses existing communications networks

  • Designed to collect pulses from volt free pulse outputs

  • Certified under ATEX/IECEx as gas safe, suitable for gas hazardous zones (gas groups up to IIB)

  • IP68 certified (water)

  • Battery design life of 10 years

  • Free App enables registration and tracking of device installation (downloadable via IOS & Android)
The Benefits
  • Reduces need for manual meter reads

  • Get billed on actual usage – no estimates

  • Facilitates cost savings and carbon reduction 

  • Improved consumption insight, putting customer in control of usage

  • Accurate data to enable an enhanced energy management strategy

  • Multi-level, hierarchical customer access to Data Management System via secure web portal

  • Customer configurable exception alerts

  • Rolling 30-day data memory capacity (ensures data integrity and continuity in the event of signal outage)

  • Assists in load prioritising for purchasing
SmartVision Pro
The smart energy savings tool

Take full control of your costs and save resources with our highly-intelligent, cloud-based energy management platform.

Seamlessly compatible with the ADM™ data logger device, SmartVision Pro makes it possible to inspect consumption patterns, verify project savings, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and even forecast and budget for the future, giving you maximum visibility of your consumption and the ability to identify, adjust, and conserve.

Key features
• One easy-to-use portal
• Multi-platform functionality
• Fast and user-friendly
• Dashboard for automatic monitoring and targeting
• Remote updates to ensure continuous improvement
• Unlimited scalability
• Access to API integrations

SmartVision Pro proves a perfect partner to ADM™, helping you promote energy conservation measures and reduce costs. Contact us using the details below to find out more about our ADM™ + SmartVisionPro package.

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Focusing on simplicity, reliability and ease of activation, our flexible technology can be tailored to your needs and is the best solution in the metering market for data logging.

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