On Wednesday 23 June 2021 (14:00 BST), SMS held its inaugural Capital Markets Event, presented virtually. The recorded event can now be watched in full below. 

The Capital Markets webcast is hosted by CEO Alan Foy and features presentations from the senior management team from across the Group. The presentations provide further detail and insights into each of our Carbon Reduction (CaRe) asset divisions and their strategies for growth.

Watch the webcast in full, or choose individual video chapters (segmented by business area) to view below. 

download the presentatioN (PDF)  

Watch the full presentation

Watch individual presentation chapters

1. Introduction to SMS, presented by CEO Alan Foy

2. Carbon Reduction (CaRe) products overview, presented by COO Tim Mortlock

3. Established CaRe products (Meters), presented by MD John Hall

4. Established CaRe products (Energy Data), presented by Hayley Cloud 

5. Established CaRe products (Grid-scale Batteries), presented by Lily Coles 

6. Developing CaRe products (Behind-the-meter), presented by Mark Hamilton

 7. Other developing CaRe products

  • ADM™ Australia, presented by Hayley Cloud
  • EV charging infrastructure, presented by Guy Bartlett (starts at 02:44)
  • Energy services, presented by Sean Keating (starts at 05:15)
  • Electrification of heat infrastructure, presented by John Flaherty (starts at 11:12)

8. Technology and ESG overview, presented by:

  • CIO Tony McCandless (Technology)
  • Charlotte Gregory (Sustainability)
  • Judy Keir (People & Community)
  • Iain Hyslop (SHEQ)

9. Finance, presented by CFO Gavin Urwin 

10. Summary and outlook, presented by CEO Alan Foy and COO Tim Mortlock 

11. Q&A (with CEO Alan Foy, COO Tim Mortlock, and CFO Gavin Urwin)