Solo Energy is now proudly part of the SMS Group. 

Solo Energy was acquired by SMS plc in 2019. Read the press release detailing our acquisition of Solo Energy here.

Creating the future of energy 

We are building the power plant of the future – the Virtual Power Plant. The building blocks of a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) are batteries.

Unlike a conventional power plant, our VPP is not a large industrial plant in one single location, but a connected system of distributed batteries and electric vehicles (EVs) in homes and businesses across the grid. We digitally link these assets through our FlexiGrid software to act as an intelligent system of flexible demand and supply which help balance the intermittency of renewable generation.

Through our innovative software and our fully-financed turnkey model, we are not only helping decarbonise the energy system, but also delivering value to electricity suppliers and system operators through our grid balancing services, as well as to local housing landlords and end consumers through the provision of cheaper, renewable energy.

FlexiGrid by SMS - Solo Energy now part of the SMS Group

Energy Storage

Using our asset funding capability and energy expertise, we deploy distributed energy storage systems, such as home batteries and electric vehicle chargers, at no up-front cost. We then remotely operate these assets to store excess renewable generation.

Virtual Power Plant 

Our FlexiGrid software controls energy storage systems to operate as a Virtual Power Plant, shaping demand to follow renewable supply.

Energy storage solutions by Solo Energy now part of the SMS Group

Virtual Power Plant by SMS - Solo Energy now part of SMS

Our pioneering work 

We are now working with various partners on a range of demonstration projects to roll out battery storage and smart EV chargers across the UK grid, with other markets to follow.

Read about our work on the pioneering ReFLEX Orkney project, a Government-backed project which aims to create a ‘smart energy island’. Our FlexiGrid platform is being used to provide the control and aggregation service required to effectively integrate zero-carbon electricity, transport and heat networks on the islands in order to demonstrate the integrated energy system of the future.

Partner with us

Looking for Solo Energy? Solo Energy is now part of SMS. If you are interested in FlexiGrid or our asset funding services, contact us with your enquiry and we'll get back you.