Valencia Energy

Half Hourly Metering & Data – Case Study

The Client

Valencia Energy is committed to becoming a strategic leader in the landfill gas energy sector. The company is investing heavily across its portfolio to maximise operations and explore development opportunities to make best use of its land and resources.

Read on to find out how we helped Valencia with its complex metering and energy data requirements.

Project Background

Large industrial businesses like Valencia Energy are legally required in the UK to have half-hourly metering on their sites to give an accurate view of how much energy is being generated. As well as complying to regulations, this means that the end user can see their usage peaks across the day (via the provision of usage data) and are therefore able to look for the most cost-efficient rates for their energy as well as inform how and where to reduce consumption across their sites in line with environmental sustainability goals.

Due to the size and complexity of Valencia’s operations and energy use, the company required a highly reliable metering and data partner with experience of managing complex metering requirements at an industrial level. Provision of highly accurate data delivered in an efficient and timely manner, and the ability to monitor consumption via an easy-to-use data visualisation tool, were prerequisites for the client.


Our Solutions

In our role as an accredited Half-Hourly Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Services provider, we have worked with Valencia since 2022. Prior to that, we were the appointed metering and data provider for Viridor Waste Management, whom Valencia recently acquired.

Our Half Hourly Metering & Data services include:

  • Installation, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance of half hourly meters and sub-metering across Valencia sites
  • Guaranteed service levels, dedicated project management and highly qualified engineers
  • The latest in metering and data communications technology
  • On-call fault resolution
  • Provision of half-hourly consumption data, validated in accordance with industry standards
  • Access to our data visualisation tool, SmartVision
Image showing a group of weekly monitored statistics on a screen

Notable Challenges

  • Due to the scale of operations and energy generation, Valencia are required to submit their generation data to Ofgem. The client therefore relies heavily on our SmartVision portal for read monitoring and data submission to the regulator.
  • Location of some Valencia sites also mean we needed to ensure the stability of communication in order to retrieve accurate data from the meters. We have successfully installed new modems and sims to enable us to secure the comms on large sites where D+1 data is imperative to the Valencia portfolio.

What our customers say

“A big thank you to the team at SMS for contributing to the timely delivery of 100% complete monthly settlement data. The availability of our D+1 data has greatly improved, and we appreciate all your efforts in resolving our data issues, scheduling site visits, providing accurate data and finding solutions for sites with poor signals as quickly as possible. This is crucial for timely invoicing and data submission to our regulator.”

Szilvia Bundik
Energy and Renewables Analyst, Valencia Energy Ltd