Steps for a smooth installation

You’ve booked your smart meter installation, now what? Read through the below info for a successful visit.

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Provide access to meter
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How to help your engineer
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Expectations for the day

Appointment checklist

If any of the below apply to the visit and you haven’t already told us, please get in touch:

  • You have issues with the meter or surrounding area such as needing keys to access, being inaccessible or meter box damage.
  • You have a complex electricity setup which could include solar panels, multiple meters and/or three phase meters (identified by 3 separate fuses).
  • You require constant power during the appointment.
  • You or anyone in the household has vulnerabilities, such as a disability, that you want to make us aware of for the visit.

Tips to help the engineer

The engineer will be carrying equipment with them so let us know if there is no free parking within a few minutes walk.

Someone over 18 needs to be on site throughout the visit, even if the meter is outside, so we can conduct safety checks which includes gas appliances in certain scenarios.

Please keep the area around the meter clear of obstructions and distractions such as small children or pets.

Expectations for the day

Our engineer will call you on the day to let you know when they’re on the way. They will show their ID card on arrival and may have a trainee or auditor with them to observe the process.

The visit will take around an hour per meter with your power usually turned off for around 20 minutes of this.

If you need to rearrange your appointment, let us know at least 48 hours before the visit or you may incur charges.

After your appointment

Once your meter has been installed, please allow 30 days for your supplier to connect to it. If you had credit on your old meter as a prepayment customer, this will usually be transferred within a week.

For information about getting the most out of your new meter, visit our ‘How to use’ pages below or the Smart Energy GB website here.

You can use energy supplier or third party energy monitoring apps to get the most out of your meter by tracking your consumption and reducing your usage, leading to a reduction in bills.

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The smart energy industry is full of terms that may not be familiar to all of us, but we want everyone to feel part of the smart energy revolution. Here are a few you may hear along your smart meter installation journey.

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