15 November 2023 Energy Data, Innovation, Podcast

Podcast: Discussing Digital Energy with Matt Roderick (Founder of n3rgy)

Matthew Roderick, the founder of ground-breaking energy data company, n3rgy, speaks to Tom Woolley for the first ever episode of Energy Matters.

Together with host Tom, Matt discusses the essential role that energy data plays in global efforts to decarbonise. A role which has only recently been made possible through the ongoing digitalisation of energy systems worldwide due to new smart metering technologies.

They explore how improved accessibility to energy data (which can tell us exactly how much, where, and when we consume energy) is today empowering consumers and businesses to not only lower their costs and carbon emissions, but also enable profitability, productivity and innovation across new markets outside of traditional utilities.

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n3rgy (www.n3rgy.com) is an innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that aims to make energy data accessible to all, in turn enabling the growth of new business models whilst also empowering consumers by providing free services for data transparency and control.

Energy Matters is a podcast produced by SMS Ltd (Link to website), the UK’s leading smart energy infrastructure company. Through its range of solutions and network of carbon reduction assets, SMS aims to make our energy system greener and more sustainable for everyone.

Episode Chapters:

00:00 Introductory trailer
01:26 Backgrounds of Matt Roderick & Tom Woolley
03:31 History of energy data and why it’s so important for our future
06:18 Democratising energy data 09:32 How do we get the best out of digital energy?
15:03 Challenges confronting the smart energy system
19:22 How data is enabling demand flexibility
23:37 How secure is digital energy?
25:02 Growing consumer engagement with energy consumption
Using an in-home display to lower your usage
33:54 How energy data is enabling efficiency and decision making for new markets
40:44 The role of energy smart appliances and time-of-use tariffs
Manual behavioural change vs intelligent automated control
59:58 What’s next for smart energy data?
56:47 Enabling innovation and engagement within the SME market
01:02:49 The future: engaging children through digital energy and climate change

Episode Producers: Aled Bryon & Mario Macan
Episode Host: Tom Woolley, Smart Energy Director, SMS Ltd
Camera & Editing: Graeme Mill


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