Making British homes smarter

We are accredited meter operators

As an Ofgem-approved meter installer, our experienced and friendly workforce installs, maintains and manages smart meters throughout the UK. Our best-in-class metering services allow us to play a critical role in transforming and decarbonising the UK’s energy networks.

Working with UK energy suppliers

We are one of the country’s leading smart meter installation companies, that’s why energy suppliers count on us to deliver smart meters to their domestic customers around Britain.

If you are an energy supplier, visit our smart metering & data service page.

Smart meter rollout

By the end of 2024, the UK government and Ofgem want at least 80% of households and businesses to have a smart meter. We are trusted by the country’s leading energy suppliers to install and manage smart meters nationwide as part of this programme.  Smart meters will help households take greater control over their energy consumption and make Britain’s energy system greener and more efficient.

How to get a smart meter

Smart meters are installed at no extra cost by energy suppliers. Follow these five easy steps to get one installed at your home.

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The smart grid

Smart meters are set to help transform the country’s energy system over the next decade. Find out how this will affect you.

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How to use a smart meter

Find out how to realise the full benefits of your smart meter and make significant savings on your energy usage.

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Smart Meters: FAQ

There are a lot of questions and confusion around smart meters. Our FAQ aims to clear up any doubts you might have.

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