Book a domestic smart meter installation

To make an appointment to have your smart meter installed, you will need to make sure that we are your energy supplier's dedicated installer (read How to get a smart meter).

If that's the case, great! Find your correct contact number below or email us on

*If emailing, please leave the name of your energy supplier, your name, first line of address & postcode plus a contact number if you would like to be contacted via phone.

Have you been called by 0330 0414777? 

That was us. A missed call from 0330 0414777 means we've already been trying to call you about installing a smart meter at your property.

0330 0414777 - SMS Plc outbound enquiries only

Please do not call us back on 0330 0414777 as it is our outbound telephone line.

Find your correct contact number

To call us back about your smart meter installation appointment, please use one of the following telephone numbers (dependent on your energy supplier): 

Good Energy - 0330 8089367

Green Energy – 0330 1359941

Octopus Energy – 0330 8089374

OVO – 0330 1359948

OutFox The Market - 0330 135 9954

Shell Energy – 0330 0945231