We assess your gas metering and consumption requirements to optimise your supply conditions, saving you energy and money.

The advanced gas metering service

In addition to our gas connections, our gas optimisation projects offer a range of advanced metering services, including:

Gas meter optimisation
When multiple gas meters are either in close vicinity or spread over a large campus area, we offer a solution to optimise the metering on site and can advise on savings that can be achieved in standing charges.

Meter load combination
An annual consumption of 58MkWh (or two million therms) is the threshold above which a supply point becomes a mandatory Class 1 Daily Metered site, i.e. not subject to unidentified gas (UIG) under Project Nexus. If a meter supply point is below this threshold, we offer a service to consolidate two loads in close proximity by combining them under one single gas meter, thus taking the Annual Quantity (AQ) over the Daily Metered threshold.*

*A site consuming around 50MkWh will be paying around £50,000 in UIG charges annually in 2017/2018.

Meter Sizing & AQ Management
Our meter sizing projects and AQ management benefits customers with excess gas meter capacity (normally occurring after removing or updating gas appliances), helping bring current operations up to date and cutting unnecessary costs.

Unused Meter Removal
We remove your unused meters, saving you on meter rental charges that you still incur (even though there is no longer any consumption associated). The removal of the meter will immediately stop all standing charges for the meter point.

Meter Upgrades
Following the government mandated scheme, all gas suppliers are targeted to exchange all gas meters “like for like” to smart meters by 2020. Alternatively we offer the opportunity to upgrade your installation at the same time, with additional features added to bolster resilience.*

*subject to network approval

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