We are a fully-accredited gas connections provider with 25 years of utility infrastructure and project management experience.


We work with energy suppliers, housebuilders, contractors, and industrial and commercial businesses to design, manage and deliver timely and cost-effective gas connections projects.

Providing a complete project managed service for all gas siteworks, our GIRS accredited solution includes connection design, installation, meter upgrades, disconnections, and smart metering. We also own, install, exchange and operate advanced/AMR gas meters for business customers, providing a data solution that helps end-users manage and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


We deliver complex projects on time and on budget. Our expert services include:

  • Design 
    Our GIRS accredited gas connection design service ensures complex projects are approached strategically, ensuring the highest standards of technical, quality and safety.

  • New gas supply installation
    Including installation of meters and mains connections. We can also increase your existing supply capacity to meet evolving business demands
  • Meter installations & exchanges
    Including the provision of meter housing and bases.

  • Meter relocation, removals & disconnections
    We remove meters and disconnect services to meet new business developments.

  • Gas Project Optimisation
    Our gas optimisation projects offer a range of metering services, including:
       -  Gas meter load combination
       -  Gas meter sizing & AQ management
       -  Gas meter upgrades
       -  Sub-metering solutions 

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We provide first-class, MAMCoP-accredited meter asset management and advanced metering services to UK businesses, no matter the sector or portfolio size.

Our range of gas meter solutions are delivered by an experienced force of highly-qualified gas engineers, whilst we also offer a bespoke 
AMR solution, allowing you take control of your gas for enhanced energy management.


Our accreditations 

As an accredited multi-utility and metering services provider we meet and exceed all industry standards, codes, and practices, ensuring all work that we carry out is of the highest levels of quality and safety. 

Get in touch with our team 

To request a quote, or for discussion on your specific needs, you can speak to our dedicated team directly at projectmanagement@sms-plc.com or by calling 0141 249 3910.

Commercial gas meter installation

Do I need to install a new gas meter?
Whether you’re a small or growing business or a large multi-site industrial organisation, if you're moving, renovating, expanding or just establishing your business, you will likely need to install a commercial gas meter. Our gas connections team and Gas Safe registered engineers are experts in commercial gas meter installations, so can provide you with industry-leading support and arrange your new gas connection easily and efficiently.

How much does a commercial gas meter installation cost?
Depending on the type of gas meter you require, the cost of installing a commercial gas meter can vary. Included in your gas meter installation cost, SMS will provide you with a dedicated project manager and point of contact, ensuring your installation and new gas connection is as smooth and painless a possible. You can also be assured of the highest standards of safety – all of our engineers are Gas Safe certified.

Find out more about our commercial gas meter installation solutions.

Commercial gas meter disconnection

Do I need a commercial gas meter disconnection?
The reasons for requiring a gas meter to be disconnected from the mains are many, for example if your site is being refurbished, if you need to the move the meter to a different place, or even the demolition of your property. Whatever the case, you will need to call upon a qualified gas metering expert to carry out the works as safely as possible. Our experienced team can help you assess your situation and identify the requirements of your gas meter disconnection, as well as advising on additional work that may be needed as part of the disconnection and removal process.

How much does a commercial gas meter disconnection cost?
The cost of a commercial gas meter disconnection will vary, depending on circumstance. Besides offering expert advice and a cost-effective service, at SMS we also pride ourselves on the highest of safety standards as well as the efficiency of our works – ensuring that there is little or no disruption to your operations as a result of your gas meter disconnection. Before any disconnection or part/full removal of a meter can be carried out, we will need to undergo a thorough site investigation in order to identify the nature of works you require.

Remember, a disconnected meter may still be subject to meter rental charges if it is not removed and decommissioned. At SMS we also offer a service to remove your unused meters, saving you on meter rental charges that you might still incur (even though there is no longer any consumption associated).

Commercial gas meter removal

Do I need to remove my commercial gas meter?
You may want to remove your gas meter for differing reasons. For example, if your gas supply is no longer required, or if you want to upgrade or downgrade your gas meter. However, if you need to have your commercial gas meter removed, then it needs to be carried out by a qualified gas meter professional. This can be arranged through a gas connections expert like SMS.

How much does a commercial gas meter removal cost?
The cost of removing a commercial gas meter varies, depending on the type of the meter and other conditions. In order to arrange the removal of your commercial gas meter and receive an accurate quote, you will need to know both the size of the meter and the pressure tier.

Commercial gas meter upgrade

Do I need to upgrade my commercial gas meter?
Under the government mandated non-domestic smart meter rollout, all energy suppliers must offer to exchange their customers’ old gas meters to smart by 2020 (you can contact your supplier if they have not asked you about this already). If we are your supplier’s preferred smart meter installer, we will we offer you the opportunity to upgrade your gas service installation at the same time, with additional features added to bolster resilience (subject to network approval).

However, whether you have already switched to a smart meter or not, if your gas service was installed a long time ago, or if you have recently added new gas appliances to your business, then your gas supply and meter could be due for an upgrade.  If this is the case, or you are not sure, contact a gas connections expert like SMS. By confirming the size of your meter, your gas consumption (in kWh), and checking the gas pipework, we will be able to confirm whether you need an upgrade (or a downgrade if your capacity needs have decreased).

How much does a commercial gas meter upgrade cost?
The cost of upgrading your gas meter and/or gas service depends on the size of your gas meter, consumption, and whether your installation requires rerouting or new meter housing. At SMS, we offer a cost-effective solution for your upgrade needs, and will include the cost of the removal of your old meter and new installation in our quote for you.