Take control of your utility design 

Connecting, diverting or disconnecting utilities to a development is rarely a straight forward process. Network nuances, capacity constraints and the lay of the land between a site and the network connection point often presents multiple challenges and obstacles that could put your project schedule and budget in jeopardy if not accounted for during the design stage. 

Without a well-thought-out utility plan, unexpected yet avoidable delays and extra costs resulting from such factors as diversions or third-party land disputes, can quickly add up and throw your project off course.

utility design strategy must not only mitigate utility infrastructure challenges, but also accurately account for energy demand. Are you confident you have been correctly advised on your load requirements and have the expertise to challenge the basis of procurement and delivery of your utilities?

Utility design solutions

We offer a bespoke utility design service for new connections and diversions to existing infrastructure, providing you with complete clarity over your project's infrastructure challenges, load requirements, and procurement options.

Our utility design services include:

Scoping & Feasibility

• Consultation and guidance
• Define build scenarios
• Assess existing assets
• Costings and timeframes
• Risk strategies and solutions
Feasibility report
• Assess retention rights


• Load assessment & grid capacity matching
• Engineering and legal rights (Wayleaves)
• Develop optimal design proposals
• Assess procurement opportunities

Are you #utilityconfident in your project design? Contact our utility infrastructure team directly or email us to discuss your utility connections needs.

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