Take control of your utility connection costs

Until a number of years ago, only the incumbent Distributed Network Operator (DNO) could provide customers an electrical connection for their utility project, leaving you with no other choice but to accept the local DNO’s price and quality of service.

Competition awareness

However, since competition in connections has been introduced, customers needing an electrical connection to the distribution network can alternatively choose to use an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) for the contestable elements of any connection.

Despite this change, general awareness of the marketplace remains relatively low. Whether you are aware of the greater choice available to you or not, competition in connections means that customers are now facing greater cost risk than before. In an unregulated market, DNOs and ICPs can make higher margins on their services, meaning it’s crucial for customers to understand exactly what they are paying for as to get the best value for money.

Load profiling

Customers not only encounter cost risk at the procurement stage of their utility project, but at the design stage too. Without a detailed understanding of technical utility design regulations and processes, you could be left with incorrect load profiling or misinformed about your load requirements, leading to you potentially overpaying for over-engineered design.

Utility quotation procurement

As part of our end-to-end utility management of electricity connections, gas connections, or major multi-utility projects, we help you take control of your cost risk through our quotation procurement service.

We seek to obtain the most cost-effective quotations based on the most efficient design, as well as assessing the utility legal rights and security of tenure through our Wayleaves service. Using our engineering knowledge and experience, we can also challenge any quotations or designs received on your behalf, advising where we believe a more cost-effective or suitable solution is available.

Our procurement process in a nutshell:

• Load Assessment: understanding your needs to avoid over-specification
• Matching requirements to grid capacity
• Design optimal solution for your needs
• Procure contractor services that delivers best value and timescale

Are you #utilityconfident in your quotation procurement and design capabilities? Contact our utility infrastructure team directly or email us to discuss your utility connections needs.

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