We offer half-hourly MOP DCDA and other electricity metering services to the public sector through the Crown Commercial Service framework

Crown Commercial Service 

As a supplier listed by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), we offer public sector organisations a consolidated Electricity Metering and Data service through the RM3800 Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services Framework Agreement.

Our Electricity Metering and Data services are provided through the following Lots:

Lot 1 – Half Hour Electricity MOP Services; and
Lot 2 – Electricity Metering Services (covering non-half hourly and sub metering)

Electricity Metering & Data

We help you to consolidate your electricity metering activity and data, enabling you to take full control of your consumption, improve sustainability, and reduce operational costs.

Our Electricity Metering & Data offering covers Half Hourly (HH), Non-Half Hourly (NHH), and Sub Metering, allowing you to effectively marry your entire range of metering needs via one comprehensive service.

This service includes:

• Lease, installation and maintenance of meters
• MOP and Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DCDA) services
• Provision of our energy management software, SmartVision

To find out more about our Electricity Metering and Data service through the CCS, contact our public sector team.

• Two decades of experience in the installation and operation of electricity meters.

• Trusted by leading UK energy suppliers, we own and manage ? electricity meter assets nationwide. 

• The dedicated resources and expertise to efficiently arrange suitable metering and communication of accurate consumption data, often well ahead of industry standards.

• Integrated MOP DCDA service allows you to consolidate your electricity metering and data activity with a single provider – no third parties.

• Our holistic energy management solution provides you with the complete energy service across billing, procurement, efficiency and project delivery – offering a breadth of expertise rarely found under one roof