A one-stop-shop for access to all SMETS2 firmware 

The complexity of SMETS2 and how to manage enduring change via firmware upgrades – to multiple devices and thousands of different HAN configurations – is unprecedented.

Energy suppliers have the responsibility to perform firmware upgrades over-the-air to SMETS2 devices, however, have no direct access to device manufacturers. Managing the assurance and due diligence of such change to multiple HAN configurations is complex, costly and requires significant effort, expertise and investment.

Our independent service gives instant access to the latest SMETS2 firmware and release notes of all SMETS2 meter manufacturers, providing assurance to energy suppliers that the SMETS2 firmware upgrade is suitable for their portfolio.

What are the benefits?
  • Access to all firmware images and release notes of SMETS2 assets
  • Access to a matrix, showing outcome of each firmware upgrade to each HAN configuration tested
  • Advised best upgrade path per HAN configuration
  • Access to ad-hoc testing space – for extra level-specific, end-to-end testing, with onsite support Meter variant testing
  • Access to production proving – ad-hoc use of live MPANs upon request
  • Access to innovation testing support space

The SMETS2 Firmware Management Service allows energy suppliers to show All Reasonable Steps have been taken in maintaining a portfolio of assets that is fit for purpose, compliant to specifications, and kept within the required level of update demanded by their MAP agreements.

Interested in this service? Contact Tom.Woolley@sms-plc.com for more information