We fund, install and operate dual fuel meter assets and offer a full range of domestic metering services throughout the UK.

Our fully managed solution includes Meter Asset Provider (MAP), Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Manager (MAM) services and supports traditional as well as SMETS1 and SMETS2 meter technology.

All of our dual fuel meters and installations are SMS Plc funded and come with credit and prepayment capabilities.

We are fully accredited to operate gas and electricity meters and offer the following services:

  • Dual fuel meter installation
    Our nationwide SMICOP-approved installation workforce is available seven days a week and can be booked via our dedicated customer contact centre. We also offer emergency call-outs throughout the UK.
  • Online engineer capacity manager
    Our bespoke capacity management system is available via an API for online appointment booking.
  • Supplier agent capability
    We are DCC registered for SMETS2 supplier agent services.
  • Dual fuel meter asset management
    We manage and track dual fuel meter assets nationwide and have large-scale stock and dispatch capability. We also manage the reverse logistics and meter triage process.
  • Data flow management
    We have a bespoke in-house data flow management system, including a field management system and mobile app. Our dynamic reporting suite generates detailed and high level KPI management reports.

Contact our domestic dual fuel metering team on 0141 249 3875 or leave your details and we'll get back to you.