As one of the UK’s most trusted MOPs, we are experts in the installation and operation of electricity meters. We can also consolidate your metering activity with high-quality data, enabling you to take full control of your consumption and reduce operational costs.

Accredited meter operators

As a fully Elexon-accredited non-half hourly (NHH) and half-hourly (HH) meter operator (MOPs), we are one of the leading independent electricity metering service providers to the UK industrial, commercial and public sectors. 

By law, customers with half hourly electricity supplied meters (sites with a maximum demand of over 100kW) must enter into a meter operator agreement, or MOP contract. As a meter operator, irrespective of your requirements or portfolio size, we can provide bespoke electricity metering services in the supply, installation, maintenance and operation of your meters, along with an unrivalled customer service.

Data collector and data aggregator

We are one of the few meter operator providers (MOP) in the UK to be a data collector and data aggregator (DCDA) as well. Our fully integrated service combines MOP and DCDA solutions. Managing the complete metering, collection and aggregation process in-house allows us to maximise efficiency and accuracy. This also minimises the billing risk arising from data issues within the supply chain.

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Meter operator services

Our nationwide MOP services include:

● Installation, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance of NHH & HH meters
● Guaranteed service levels, dedicated project management and highly-qualified engineers
● The latest in metering and data communications technology
● Regular maintenance and on-call fault resolution

The benefits of choosing SMS as your dedicated MOP DCDA are:

● An integrated MOP DCDA service ensures a single dedicated point-of-contact for your metering and data needs
● End-to-end metering and data management ensures accuracy and efficiency
● Provision of the highest quality data facilities an improved energy strategy, helping you avoid energy wastage and reduce bills

The complete energy service

While our integrated MOP DCDA service provides you with the highest quality data, our in-house energy management team can assist you in extracting maximum value. We not only ensure you only pay for the energy you use, but we can also help you gain a better understanding of your energy consumption, identifying significant energy savings and carbon reductions in the process.

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● Two decades of experience in the installation and operation of electricity meters.
● Trusted by leading UK energy suppliers, we own, install and manage more than 800,000 electricity meter assets nationwide. 
● The dedicated resources and expertise to efficiently arrange suitable metering and communication of accurate consumption data, often well ahead of industry standards.
● MOP DCDA service allows you to consolidate your electricity metering and data activity with a single provider – no third parties.
● Our energy management solution provides you with the complete energy service across billing, procurement, efficiency and project delivery – offering a breadth of expertise rarely found under one roof.

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Frequently asked questions about Meter Operator contracts

What is a Meter Operator Agreement/Contract?
A Meter Operator Contract covers the installation, operation and management of HH electricity meters. A MOP customer contract is required by law for businesses with HH meters with 100kW plus consumption.

Can I choose my HH meter operator?
Yes. A meter operator contract is no longer part of the standard supply agreement with your energy supplier, so you are therefore entitled to choose your own HH MOP based on your specific requirements. There are significant advantages available by doing this. If you do not appoint a HH meter operator independently, then your energy supplier will likely appoint one on your behalf, usually their preferred HH MOP.

How are customers charged for HH MOP services?
A MOP contract is a separate agreement that is independent from an electricity supply agreement, so you will be invoiced directly by your HH meter operator for any service charges outlined in the contract. If you have been appointed a HH MOP by your energy supplier, additional costs may be passed through on your supply contract.

How do I switch HH Meter Operator Provider?
If you decide to look for a new meter operator agreement, you should first decide which HH MOP is the best for you based on your requirements. The best way to do this is to discuss your needs with the HH MOP directly. Once you have agreed a contract, a meter installation date or contract start date will have to be coordinated with the energy supplier. If you are public sector company, you can tender for your HH MOP through a framework agreement.

Does a MOP agreement include collection and aggregation of my consumption data?
You are free to choose different companies for HH MOP and DCDA services, however it is highly advisable to combine this solution in order to reduce issues within the supply chain, improving the efficiency and accuracy of your data provision. SMS Plc is one of the few UK providers that offer this integrated metering and data service completely under one roof.