Our secure and scalable data management solutions allow accurate billing and provide invaluable insight for energy management strategies.

Data collector and data aggregator 

We are an Elexon-accredited Meter Operator (MOP), Data Collector and Data Aggregator (DCDA) for half-hourly (HH) and non-half-hourly (NHH) electricity meter supplies. As your data collector, we retrieve and validate the data from your meter before forwarding to the energy supplier, enabling the efficient processing of billing. As your data aggregator, we also ensure your data is settled in line with industry procedures. 


At SMS Plc, we’re confident we can provide you with the highest quality data. This is thanks to our capability to act as both data collector and data aggregator, as well as an appointed meter operator (MOP), in the form of an integrated MOP DCDA service. As an independent DCDA we are also able to work with your contracted MOP.

We are one of the only companies in the UK to offer the full metering, collection and aggregation process completely in-house. Such continuity allows us to maximise efficiency and accuracy within the data supply chain, reducing the risks of discrepancies on your electricity bills.

Half hourly data analysis

Besides contributing to accurate billing, data collection and aggregation is essential for building an energy management strategy. Half-hourly data analysis – ideally supported by the provision of specialist energy analytics software and assisted by the expertise energy consultants – allows you to gain a much deeper understanding of your energy usage, and to identify areas for significant carbon and cost reduction.

Good quality data holds the key to unlocking your energy savings. We’re not only able to provide you with this essential data but can also support you in maximising its value. Find out more about our energy service.

Choosing a DCDA

Many organisations are unaware that it is possible to choose your own DCDA, rather than settling for a provider appointed by an energy supplier. By choosing your own DCDA, you could make significant savings on your current contract, as well as enjoy further competitive advantages.

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• An integrated metering and data facility (MOP DCDA), ensuring consistency, efficiency and accuracy through the data supply chain

• Data provision for import and export services

• A dedicated point of contact for your fully-serviced portfolio 

• Use detailed consumption data to better understand your portfolio, enabling you to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs 

• Access to our cloud-based energy management platform

• The complete energy service at your disposal, from procurement and billing, to consultancy and project management

• The trust and stability of a PLC with national coverage

• The complete range of services we provide are delivered via our own experienced and multi-skilled in-house teams, differentiating us from anyone else in the market