We provide metering and data services directly to UK businesses through our accredited Meter Asset Management, Meter Operator and Data Collection & Aggregation services.

We supply the following smart metering & data services to business: 

  • Gas MAM
    Offering comprehensive gas meter services and a best-in-class AMR solution for gas data management.
  • Electricity MOP
    As one of the UK’s most trusted MOPs, we are experts in the installation and operation of electricity meters. 
  • Electricity DCDA
    An accredited Data Collector & Data Aggregator, our secure and scalable solutions allow accurate billing and provide insight for energy strategies.

As an Ofgem-approved Gas Meter Asset Manager MAM and Electricity Meter Operator (MOP), we are experts in the installation, operation and management of gas and electricity assets, providing an independent metering service to the UK private sector.

Our fully-integrated data solution also means we can consolidate your metering activity with high-quality data. Our market-leading gas AMR and electricity DCDA services enable you to take full control of your consumption and reduce operational costs.