FlexiGrid™ – an innovative cloud-based software that aggregates batteries, electric vehicles and other distributed energy resources (DER) to create the smart energy systems of the future.

Our Virtual Power Plant solution

FlexiGrid™ centrally controls flexible, low-carbon energy assets in real time as a ‘Virtual Power Plant’ (VPP) in order to balance renewable generation locally, manage local grid constraints and provide other grid services. 

Through FlexiGrid, we are not only helping decarbonise the grid, but also delivering value for electricity suppliers and system operators by reducing the cost to deliver electricity, as well as to local housing landlords and end consumers through the provision of cheaper, cleaner renewable energy.

A scaleable, tech agnostic VPP platform

FlexiGrid is designed to be technology agnostic, with the ability to control any type of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) hardware and to cost-effectively scale from tens to hundreds of thousands of connected devices without any requirement to rearchitect the software.

Our solution provides automated VPP decision making based on a range of criteria, including:

  • wholesale market signals
  • grid signals, including dispatch, system constraints and curtailments
  • provision of demand response and ancillary services
  • network performance metrics and portfolio management
  • on-site customer constraints

Our services using FlexiGrid


Solopower is a financed turnkey Smart Solar + Battery Storage service for local authorities and housing associations which addresses the dual challenge of carbon emissions and fuel poverty. Read more.

ReFlex Orkney

FlexiGrid is an essential enabler of the UK Government-backed ReFLEX Orkney project. Our platform provides the control and aggregation service required to effectively integrate zero-carbon electricity, transport and heat networks on the islands in order to demonstrate the integrated energy system of the future. Read more.

EirGrid DS3 Programme

Through FlexiGrid™, we provide essential grid services to EirGrid, Ireland’s electric transmission system operator (TSO), as part of its national DS3 programme. DS3 seeks to address the challenge of integrating Ireland’s potentially world-leading levels of renewable generation onto its power system and help the country meet its renewable energy targets. Read more.


A collaborative energy innovation project between SMS, the International Energy Research Centre (IERC), ESB Networks and Electric Ireland, StoreNet is currently demonstrating the potential of distributed demand-side energy to support Ireland’s transition to a 100% renewable future. Read more.

Partner with us

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