Our energy procurement team provides expert advice and market knowledge to deliver the best priced energy.

We are one of the UK’s leading energy consultants to manage the risk and procurement process, securing our clients the best value energy supply contracts.

Our continued success is due to our ability to work impartially with UK energy suppliers whilst delivering our unrivalled customer service.

Our risk management and procurement services include:

  • Managing energy risk
    We track and analyse markets in real time, identifying opportunities and threats. We apply our market intelligence to advise on energy purchasing and procurement strategies.
  • Choosing energy contracts
    We develop energy strategies based around unique customer requirements. Our strategies take advantage of market dips whilst protecting budgets from costly wholesale increases.
  • Fixed energy purchasing
    We work with all UK energy suppliers to secure significant savings, the best possible rates and fixed-pricing contracts to avoid impacts of market volatility.
  • Flexible energy purchasing
    Our flexible procurement allows larger energy consumers to purchase energy direct from wholesale markets, spreading the price risk over multiple purchasing decisions throughout the year.
  • Water Procurement
    We assess the water market and negotiate supply agreements to deliver big savings. 

Contact our risk management and procurement team on 02920 739 535 or leave your details and we'll get back to you.

Case study: We were appointed to manage the energy portfolio of a major multi-national telecommunications company through a bespoke package of risk managed energy procurement and bureau services. Find out how we helped this client achieve savings of £3.2million (against the weighted market average) through actively trading more than £31 million of power on their behalf.