We provide ongoing management, operation and maintenance of your energy assets to ensure optimisation, as well as the continual monitoring of energy performance and costs through our Smart Energy Bureau.

We not only strategise with our customers to establish zero-carbon outcomes and achieve sustainability goals, but manage and maintain our customers’ energy assets and processes in order to maximise carbon reduction and deliver cost savings.

Through analysing the data from across the spectrum of your energy consumption, our Optimisation service can operate your energy assets – such as on-site solar PV, battery storage, and EV charge points – to ensure the highest performance levels are continuously met, and that you only need to concentrate on your core business.

Smart Energy Bureau 

Optimisation is supported by our unique Smart Energy Bureau – an integrable system of remote energy services comprised of intelligent tools, proven methodologies and experienced analysts. Our Bureau works with you to mitigate the risks of energy markets, monitor and maintain control of energy use, and actively contribute to a wider carbon reduction strategy.

Underpinned by our internal metering & data services and industry expertise, Smart Energy Bureau makes your energy data meaningful and relevant, your organisation more efficient, and your zero-carbon goals a reality.

Smart Energy Bureau is devised of four integrable services:

Energy Procurement 
Providing risk management strategies to deliver you the best priced energy.

Bill Validation & Recoveries 
Ensuring that you are correctly billed for your energy usage.

SmartVision Pro 
Our cloud-based energy management platform which helps you identity, promote and track energy savings.

Energy Desk 
Our remote energy management service is delivered by expert analysts through ongoing monitoring and operation of your energy portfolio.

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