Do you have the expertise to make change?

Understanding your organisation’s exposure to energy risk, whether through price, billing, consumption (or, in most cases, all three) is the first step towards becoming an #energyconfident business. 

Possessing the capability of delivering an effective energy strategy to fully mitigate your risk, however, is more of a complex task. 

One in three organisations, it is estimated, cite financial concerns as a barrier to implementing energy-saving action. For those who can invest, there often remains a lack of resources or know-how to successfully realise their energy project. 

To overcome such common obstacles and achieve maximum benefit, businesses often require assistance, not just in the shape of expert consultancy and advice, but through the provision of financing options, project management and tailored energy solutions.

Reducing your delivery risk 

At SMS Plc, we are specialists in delivering integrated energy strategies, designed to help you mitigate your risk across the major areas of business energy spend. 

Being the complete energy service, experts as we are in procurement, bill validation, energy efficiency as well as data management and metering, means we are able to prove a fully joined-up, bespoke energy plan that ensures your organisation does everything it can to minimise risk, and maximise sustainability.

Energy reduction projects

By getting to know your energy portfolio inside out, we can work with you to develop the most suitable and cost-effective energy projects for your business. 

As specialists in delivering corporate energy reduction, we can take any project proposal from concept to completion, from data centre cooling
retrofits, lighting and demand-response schemes, to control systems,
BMS optimisation or energy storage.

Our proven, turnkey approach to energy project management guides you through a defined six-stage process, enabling you to remove any project barriers you may have, whether securing board level support, providing finance options or establishing a viable delivery model.

Guided by our dedicated team of expert energy consultants, your project is led from the design and development phases, right through to implementation and consolidation, ensuring reduced capital expenditure and enhanced savings delivery along the way. 

Choosing SMS

We have been operating at the heart of the UK energy market for two decades and today manage over 2.5 million metering and data assets and counting. Our complete energy service is supported by our in-house engineering and expert consultancy workforce across the country.

Providing the complete energy service, from smart metering and data to the delivery of sustainability projects, we are proud to have been a long-term energy partner of large energy consumers across a range of industries, including retail, hospitality, banking, and telecoms. Our clients include major UK supermarkets, large hotel and restaurant chains, high-street banks, and multinational telecommunication service providers.

It is our comprehensive service offering that makes us truly unique in our industry. There are no other UK organisations in a position to offer such a breadth of services in-house simultaneously, meaning our customers do not have to worry about finding additional partners to deliver other parts of their energy-related project.

• Experts at delivering integrated solutions for utility infrastructure, metering, and energy management, differentiating us from anyone else in the market

• The trust and stability of a PLC with national coverage

• We uniquely work alongside both energy suppliers, leading blue-chip customers and public-sector organisations

• We develop and support industry partners and government with a range of energy innovations 

• Continual investment in our people and processes through the deployment of the latest technologies makes SMS the smartest choice

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