Due to the inherent risks of the energy markets and the complexities of controlling energy consumption, managing a business energy portfolio effectively has never been a straight-forward undertaking.

And with energy costs  forecast to increase by 55% between 2018 and 2028, it’s not about to get much easier for UK organisations. 

Owing to these rising costs – largely a result of cumulative network and policy charges associated with Britain’s ongoing low-carbon transition – energy spend is set to contribute an ever-expanding proportion of the overall business budget in the next decade.

It’s never been more important, therefore, to take stock of the energy risks you face in order to put a confident, forward-thinking strategy in place.

At SMS Plc, we aim to make our customers #energyconfident by addressing the major risks associated with business energy spend.

How we help you reduce your risk
  • Price
    We provide risk management strategies to deliver
    you the best priced energy. Read more.

  • Billing
    We ensure that you are correctly billed for your energy
    usage, and pay for only what you owe. Read more.

  • Consumption
    We help you monitor and analyse your consumption
    to identify energy saving opportunities. Read more.

  • Delivery
    We supply the resources, management and funding
    to deliver your energy projects. Read more.

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