Supporting Businesses Through Industry Changes

The P272 regulation affects organisations in the UK who have electricity meters in Profile Classes 05 – 08.  By 1st April 2017, 160,000 meters will need to be migrated from NHH (Non-Half Hourly) to HH (Half Hourly), enabling the capability to bill on HH consumption data.

In adherence with P272, we are working closely with both energy suppliers and end-user customers in the I&C market to ensure seamless migration of these industry changes without disruption to your data services.

If your energy supply contract is due for renewal any time after 5th November 2015; your bill must be settled using HH consumption within a 45-day period, with the remaining meters being migrated by 1st April 2017.  Migration of your energy supply to HH means that your metering systems will also change and you will be required to appoint an appropriately accredited Meter Operator (MOP) and Data Collector (DC) in the HH market.

SMS has been operating within this market for over a decade, and was the first independent, national provider in the UK.  Our well-established position and experience means that we can support both energy suppliers and end-user customers through the technical challenges of obtaining consumption data from NHH and HH meters.  Our extensive capability of working with all meter types ensures that we can efficiently migrate your existing AMR meter into our systems, providing MOP and DC/DA services to ensure your meter will be settled as HH by your supplier. 

Over the last 5 years the majority of businesses have been investing in AMR technology in order to achieve a greater understanding of their energy consumption and to identify savings.  Where the existing meter is either non-compliant or requires re-certifying, we can fund the install of a new asset to allow compliance to P272.

To discuss P272, P300 or P322 in more detail, contact our experts today on 02920 739 540 or email us your details for a call back.



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